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Sanskriti School_indianbureaucracy
Sanskriti School_indianbureaucracy

Sanskriti School, Delhi was set up to primarily meet the requirement of the children of All India/Central services officers and other transferable Government servants who come on deputation to Government of India on a tenure basis. Some States such as Uttar Pradesh and Meghalaya have taken initiatives to set up schools in their States, similar to Sanskriti School, Delhi to meet the educational needs of the children of the Government servants who are posted on transfer. The Government is of the view that as a welfare measure, setting up of Sanskriti type Schools would go a long way in removing the hardships faced by Government servants on transfer. In SLP(c) no. 35077/2015, the Supreme Court after the hearing held on 21.01.2016, in its order directed that the Children of the following officers shall be included into 60% quota, which has been reserved for children of officers of Civil Services/ Defence cadre and allied services : “(i) All India Service Officers coming on transfer to Delhi on central deputation under the Central Staffing Scheme.

(ii) Indian Foreign Service officers coming to Delhi to man the posts in the Ministry of External Affairs. (iii) Other eligible Central Service Officers (Group A) on transfer to Delhi under the Central Staffing Scheme.

Wards of (i), (ii) and (iii) coming on transfer to Delhi should not be denied admission in any class and even during middle of the academic session on first come first serve basis provided there is vacancy.

(iv) Officers from the Defence and other officers coming to Delhi on transfer.” The directives of the Court are being followed by Sanskriti School.

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