S K Acharya , CMD NLC inaugurates Rare Species Park at Mine-II-Neyveli


Shri Sarat Kumar Acharya, CMD , NLC opened the rare species park at Mine-II reclaimed ( de coaled) area on 07.01.2016. This park is encompassed with rare species of trees, and boat bay at artificial lake.


Among the three mines at Neyveli, Mine-II has capacity to produce lignite of 15 Million tonnes per annum(MTPA). The excavated lignite from this unit caters the need of Thermal Power Station-II and Thermal Power Station-II Expansion to produce power. After mining out lignite, the area will be filled with soil to bring back the area to its original state. This barren land with no nutritious value is prepared by adopting various techniques and make it fit for cultivation. In this area various cultivation activities are being taken up.NLC-indianbureaucracyFEAT IN AGRICULTURE

Like success is stamped in production of Lignite and Power, by NLC, the desert and barren land also is brought in to cultivatable one with established professionalism in all its efforts and actions. In these area, nature bound crops are cultivated using drip irrigation system.


Trees grown up in different area of our country are grown in the area under a single belt, for which, modern park has been developed. The trees thus grown are belonging to desert area, high dense forest, rain fall area and low temperature areas, by taking adequate care in maintain the required climatic conditions for their growth. As a first step, Shri Sarath Kumar Acharya, CMD, inaugurated the planting of rare species totalling around 200 verities from White Gungilium (Botanical Veteroa Indica), Kal Aalan (Phycus Misuransus), Parkia (Pharkiya), Mahadhani (Mahagani Macro Philla), Thali Chandra (Thabhubia Thalichandra) etc.


In Mine-II Orchard, an artificial lake has been developed over an area of 25 acre. In order to facilitate the visitors, an arrangement has been made to enjoy through ride on boat, which was also inaugurated by the CMD. In this function, NLC Directors, Shri. Subir Das, Shri. P. Selvakumar, Chief Vigilance Officer, Shri Shiv Raj Singh, I.F.S and other senior Officials and employees participated.

IndianBureaucracy.com wishes the very best and congrats on these novel ideas and initiatives.

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