Rockwell Collins features CAAS Cockpit & Joint Secure Air Combat Training

Rockwell Collins-indianbureaucracy
Rockwell Collins-indianbureaucracy

Rockwell Collins is showcasing its Common Architecture Avionic System (CAAS) Cockpit and Joint Secure Air Combat Training System (JSAS) with Multi Independent Levels of Security (MILS) architecture at the ILA Berlin Air Show this week.

With its open, customizable and fielded cockpit system, CAAS integrates multiple communications, navigation, weapons and mission sensor subsystems for reduced crew workload and improved operational effectiveness and safety. CAAS’ innovative avionics architecture allows for hardware and software to be easily adapted to the unique mission requirements of a broad spectrum of rotary wing aircraft. All CAAS systems are based on the innovative Flight2 modular open system approach that uses widely adopted open industry standards, industry standards, enabling technology upgrades of multiple aircraft simultaneously.

“By minimizing the costs of technology insertions with its modular architecture, CAAS has been proven to reduce overall lifecycle costs on aircraft in use around the world,” said Claude Alber, vice president and managing director of Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

JSAS is the next-generation system for secure, Live Virtual Constructive-capable training. It provides the first certified, four-level MILS training equipment in both airborne and ground applications, allowing for tethered and autonomous operations. MILS provides secure interoperability between 5th-Gen and 4th-Gen aircraft, bringing significant training benefit to all participants in a simulated, high-threat combat environment.

In addition to the CAAS cockpit and JSAS, Rockwell Collins will bring its Flight Mission Computer FMC-4000 family of radios, TruNet™ radios and TELDIX® space wheel.

  • TruNet™: The first software defined network communications solution – including ground, airborne and handheld radios, advanced networking waveforms, apps, ancillaries and services – to ensure secure connectivity between ground and airborne elements. Flexing to unique mission requirements, TruNet gives the user complete control of networked communications across the entire battlespace.
  • FMC-4000: Launched at ILA Berlin Air Show 2014, FMC-4000 combines high scalability and rugged design with small size and low power. This makes it an optimal system for unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, as well as fighter mission computers trimmed for the highest performance and robustness.
  •  TELDIX® space wheel: This capability delivers the ultimate in advanced satellite stabilization. These reaction wheels feature proven performance and reliability. It is operational in nearly 500 launched satellites, representing more than 8,000 years of in-orbit operation.

About Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins is a pioneer in the development and deployment of innovative aviation and high-integrity solutions for both commercial and government applications. Our expertise in flight deck avionics, cabin electronics, mission communications, simulation and training, and information management is delivered by a global workforce, and a service and support network that crosses more than 150 countries. To find out more, please visit

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