Rescue operation by 111 helicopter unit of IAF in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh

indian air force
indian air force

The incessant rains lashing the Rewa district and areas around have created havoc. The rains have continued since Thursday on an ever increasing gusto. The check dams were unable to contain the heavy pour. The small rivulets and hilly springs of the region were soon inundated as more than 200 mm rain poured over the area within a small frame of twenty-four hours.

On 7th July the Madhya Pradesh government requested IAF for help when few local youths were stuck in the swelling Tamas river and were clinging to a tree in the middle of raging river. The IAF Central Air Command readily responded to the call and launched an ALH helicopter to the rescue of the marooned youth. The mission demanded high skill and flying accuracy as the hover had to be established very high from the ground so that the people clinging onto the tree for their life do not come under the effect of rotor downwash.

The pilot Wg Cdr Nand Kumar Bala who also happen to be the Commanding Officer of the No. 111 Helicopter Unit brought in all his skill and experience to execute the mission precisely and winched the youth to safety one by one. In this mission he was assisted by his Co-pilot Flt Lt Vishnu and Flight Gunner JWO Shukla. wishes the very best.

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