Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute depends on Dell for Data Storage Management

Dell_big brain beat big iron_IndianBureaucracy
Dell_big brain beat big iron_IndianBureaucracy

Summary In matters of treatment of life threatening disease the combination of man and machine ensures better survival rate. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre is among Asia’s premier cancer centres and they wanted to address the 3 core challenges faced by all Hospitals and Doctors providing specialized treatments.

1. Instant availability of patient records and increase responsiveness towards urgent requirements.
2. Storing and quick retrieval with Crystal Clear Medical images
3. Future ready devices that have highly scalable storage management system for future capacity    demands as medical images and records are very data-intensive.

RGCRC_IndianBureaucracyDell was awarded the contract after RGCI evaluated storage management systems from EMC, HP, and Dell Compellent against 40 parameters.

How Dell helps Hospitals and Doctors in making critical decisions with confidence?

Dell built capabilities for real-time monitoring and provided for future capacity expansion. Doctors now had access to high-speed and easy file retrieval as patient data remain highly available rather than becoming less accessible within archival solutions such as tape library. All the images were distortion free.

Word from Client: Mr. J.P. Dwivedi, CIO, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre

  1. On why Dell was most preferred: Dwivedi says, “The evaluating committee selected Dell Compellent as the most suitable storage solution for our requirements.It delivered on its competitive price performance ratio, and the highly scalable architecture meets the expanding data needs of our medical systems.”
  2. On increased Patient management and responsiveness: “Having medical images and patient records accessible online reassures our patients because their surgeon is aware of all their history before making an informed decision. With our Dell Compellent storage management system we have eliminated the potential for image deterioration, and patient records can be quickly accessed to ensure treatment begins immediately.”
  3. On future preparedness: No fuss solution of Dell allowed easy scale up from current capacity of 50TB to double by simply adding disk space. “We keep all records online, and while we have the current capacity of 50TB, we have the scalability to double this through simply adding disk space, which provides us with excellent price performance. The Compellent solution provides me with a great deal of freedom and flexibility in the management of storage.”

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