Prime Minister unveils major maritime projects worth Rs 4000 crore in Kerala

Haldia Dock Complex of Kolkata Port
Haldia Dock Complex of Kolkata Port

IndianBureaucrcy, PSU News – Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked a significant milestone by inaugurating three crucial infrastructure projects worth over Rs 4,000 crores in Kochi, Kerala. These projects, including the New Dry Dock (NDD) at Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL), the International Ship Repair Facility (ISRF) of CSL, and the LPG Import Terminal of Indian Oil Corporation Limited at Puthuvypeen, aim to elevate India’s maritime capabilities.

The New Dry Dock, with an investment of Rs 1,800 crores, showcases India’s engineering prowess. Spanning 310 meters, it positions India to handle advanced assets, such as future aircraft carriers, reducing dependence on foreign entities for critical national needs.

The ISRF project, costing Rs 970 crores, promises to transform CSL’s ship repair capabilities. Featuring advanced facilities, including a ship lift system and multiple workstations, it aspires to position Kochi as a global hub for ship repair.

The LPG Import Terminal at Puthuvypeen, funded at Rs 1,236 crores, addresses the energy needs of households and businesses, contributing to India’s goal of ensuring accessible and affordable energy for all.

These projects underscore a move toward self-reliance, aiming to reduce logistics costs and create business opportunities. While Prime Minister Modi acknowledged the government’s decade-long efforts in port, shipping, and waterways reforms, the emphasis remains on transforming India’s maritime sector.

The Prime Minister’s visit and the inauguration of these projects align with the broader vision of creating a developed India. These strategic initiatives demonstrate the country’s growing prominence on the global stage and the commitment to fostering economic growth.

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