Prediction for 23rd Mar – 24th Mar, 2024 by Anoothie Vedic Astrology

Prediction for 23rd Mar – 24th Mar, 2024 by Anoothie Vedic Astrology

Col Manoj Mehrotra Shastri_Vedic Astrology
Col Manoj Mehrotra Shastri_Vedic Astrology

Today’s Panchang

 Month – Falgun
 Paksha – Shukla
 Tithi – Tryodashi up to 7:17 AM on 23 Mar, Chaturdashi up to 09:54 AM on 24 Mar
 Nakshatra –Poorv Falguni up to 7:34 AM on 24 Mar, Uttar Falguni up to 3:52 AM on 25 Mar
 Moon –Sinh up to 2:20 PM on 24 Mar 24

Colour of the Day  Saturday – Favourable colour black, dark blue. You can combine with green, shades of green, white, pink, magenta, shades of pink, checks of black/ blue, yellow and shades of yellow. Avoid cream, off white, light blue, red, orange, grey. o Sunday – Favourable colour Cream. You can combine with light blue, red, orange, yellow, shads of yellow, green and shades of green. Avoid pink, magenta, black, dark blue, checks of black and blue, grey.

Prediction Based on Moon Signs

Aries(Mesh) – You are advised not to travel on these days as there can be problems in journey. If you have to travel, be prepared for all types of problems and avoid driving. You will be mentally disturbed not only due to kids and family but also because of problems at work. Your work is likely to suffer due to journey and you will also have health issues like fever, stomach disorder and maybe problem in eyes. Do not get on wrong side of state authorities. However, you will benefit due to your spouse and in case associated with a profession of products like coal, iron, machinery etc, you will gain. Your spouse will support you, but you should avoid being thick headed. Recite Hanuman Chalisa, light oil Deepak in Shani mandir. Recite Aditya Hriday srotra and offer jal to Surya, Abhishek of Shivji.

Taurus(Vrishabh) – Bringing changes at work will bring hurdles too, or failures, but you may be forced to initiate changes. However, you continue to work hard and do not deviate from rules. Despite this, you will have profit and monetary gains and will enjoy good food as well as new position. Health will be good and you may attend some religious function. You will specially be benefitted from elders. Despite all this, the days will bring you physical and mental tensions and lead you to family quarrels. If currently handling some property case, there will problems there too. Others are likely to trouble you and cause damage to reputation. Married life will be disturbed. Donate a copper item in temple and offer jal to Surya. Abhishek of Shiv ji. Chaaya daan to Shani and recite Hanuman Chalisa.

Gemini(Mithun) – You will enjoy good clothes and good food and keep healthy these days. You will be happy as you will score win over enemies and will benefit due to your family. You may enjoy with friends and will be able to maintain good relations with officials and important people bringing success at work. May be you are being considered for a promotion. However, you will be sad due to some communication or commitment issues and may have loss of interest in religion. If travelling, it will not be successful. Recite Purush Sukt, Hanuman Chalisa and pray to Shiv ji as well as Laxmi Narayan.

Cancer(Kark) – You will not have good days. There can be loss of wealth and failures too. You may have to spend time in company of people of lower status. While it may be due to work, but avoid any addictions at all costs. You will also have loss of facial glow as you can be falsely implicated and your income/ gains are likely to drop. You will therefore be unsatisfied mentally and will have difference of opinion with family reducing your happiness too. You may likel to adopt some unethical method to gain quick success, but do not fall prey to such temptations as they will cause problems in long term. Keep silver with you, abhishek of Shiv ji. Recite Aditya Hriday Srotra and offer jal to Surya.

Sinh(Leo) – The days will be mixed for you. While you may have to leave home and travel as well as have problems in journey, you will have lot of mental stress as well as quarrels and body aches. You will also have some apprehension / fear due to state people and can have indigestion too. Expenditure will be high. Despite this, you will get success and will be emotionally stable. You will have good food and enjoy good clothes, maybe get some gift. Have gir and water in morning and recite Aditya Hriday Srotra. Recite Hanuman Chalisa and oil Deepak in Hanuman mandir. No nonveg, no addiction, no cheating/ lies.

Virgo(Kanya) – You will have adverse effect on married life as your spouse and / or kids are likely to fall sick and there can be failure at work. If travelling, it can be troublesome and you can have loss of reputation. You are likely to feel miserable. At work, there will be a total loss of cooperation and due to this there will be losses at work. It will be better to handle things solo and as you will be yourself having problems of health like eyes, body ache etc. Expenditure will be high. However, hard work will get you victory over enemies as well as help you in maintain health. Keep yourself hydrated. Pray to Shiv ji, recite Hanuman Chalisa and offer jal to Surya.

Libra(Tula) – The days will give you mixed results. You will have confusion, loss of wealth and happiness will reduce. You are likely to have to spend time with women/ people of lower status or doubtful character giving a difference of opinion with spouse. However, your pending tasks will be solved and you get good food, happiness and defeat your enemies. If sick, you will start recovering. Your valour will increase as officials favour you. Your income will increase and women as well as liquids will be beneficial for you. However, avoid toxic liquids. Recite Hanuman Chalisa and light oil Deepak in hanuman mandir. Offer jal to Suray as well as abhishek of Shiv ji.

Scorpio (Vrishchik) – The days will give you mixed results. While you will have physical and mental tensions, family quarrels, loss of wealth too. You and / or kids can fall sick and you are likely to have disputes with officials, as well as accidents while travelling. You will be perturbed and restless. If already sick, sickness can increase and enemies will be active. There can be a change of place/ transfer separating you from relatives. If travelling, there can be problems too. Despite all this, you will have success at work and get some respect from state authorities. Some seniors will also be happy with you, bringing some happiness at home. Feed rice to fishes and recite Hanuman Chalisa. Chhaya daan to Shani will help. Offer jal to Surya and if you can drop some oil drops on floor. Pray to Shiv ji.

Sagittarius(Dhanu) – You can have problems from state side and some losses at work. Do not get involved in a discussion with your son, or males of his age as there will be unnecessary differences. Luck will not favour and enemies will be stronger. Although, you will remain healthy and your valour will increase giving you success and domination over critics as well as opponents. You will still be tensed physically and mentally and can have problems of property. If travelling, there can be problems hence cater for contingencies. Married life can be disturbed and there can be a damage to reputation. Offer jal to Surya and if you can offer food to blind. Recite Hanuman Chalisa and oil Deepak in Hanuman mandir. Abhishek of Shiv ji.

Makar(Capricorn) – If sick, you will recover from sickness. Otherwise, you will have some pleasure and auspicious benefits. There can be contact with high officials and you get respect from friends. Enemies will be defeated, and you will be honoured or offered a plum post/ position. Healthwise, some minor irritants like indigestion can keep you troubled and you can have emotional quarrels / arguments giving you mental tension. You will be worried for some reason of larger family and failures in savings. You may travel but not to your liking. It is advised that you do not look back on the past. Apply tilak of curd, ask forgiveness from Shiv ji. Recite hanuman Chalisa and oil Deepak in hanuman mandir. Help nephew/ niece and seek blessings of mother.

Kumbh(Aquarius) – You may take up a short trip and will enjoy good food, good gains and may benefit out of it. Spouse / personal partnership as well as work partnership will be good and supportive. However, you can spoil your own happiness if you are stubborn about anything. This will give you difference of opinion with family and physical as well as mental stress as well as result in failures. There will be insults and you will have problems in finances. Be careful when you talk to people you meet, as you are likely to come across bad and crooked people and have quarrels with friends and relatives keeping you unhappy the entire time. It is necessary to review your decisions and control irritation, ego. Offer ajl to Surya, Chhaya daan to Shani, recite Hanuman Chalisa. Pray to Shiv ji.

Pisces(Meen) – The days may take you away from home and cause wastage of money, losses and make your journey uncomfortable. However, if you can control your thick headedness, you can have monetary gains, keep yourself healthy and get happiness. You are likely to spend good time and have good talks with women and have a happy stay at home. You will be able to defeat your enemies too. But expenditure will be high. You need to control your ego, review your decisions and be calm, as there are chances of loss of respect. Poor decisions can also cause delay in work and quarrels with relatives, friends giving you tension, irritation, tiredness and adversely effecting your food timings. Avoid travelling. Keep water for birds/ animals, offer jal to Surya. Pray to Shiv ji. Recite Hanuman Chalisa and Chhaya daan to Shani. Keep away from non veg, addictions and avoid getting involved with others.

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Moon changes sign every 2.25 days, hence the prediction is being done accordingly as per the sign

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