Prediction for 16th July – 17th July, 2022 by Anoothie Vedic Astrology

Col Manoj Mehrotra Shastri_Vedic Astrology
Col Manoj Mehrotra Shastri_Vedic Astrology

Today’s Panchang

 Month – Shravan
 Paksha –Ktishna Paksha
 Tithi – Tritiya upto 1:27 PM on 16 July, Chaturthi upto 10:49 AM on 17 Jul 22
 Nakshatra – Dhanishtha upto 3:10 PM on 16 Jul, Shatbhisha upto 1:25 PM on 17 Jul,
Poorva Bhadrapad up to 12:48 AM on 18 Jul

Prediction Based on Moon Sign

Aries(Mesh) – You will be inclined towards auspicious acts and you will feel healthy, gain on wealth aspects, but will experience fluctuations in the same. You will have good meetings with family friends as well as acquaintances. This will give you an opportunity to make good progress towards your
Taurus(Vrishabh) – You will get success in whatever you do, if you seek support of women, keep good health and gain monetarily while you enjoy the days filled with fun. You will also get respect and have happiness at home.
Gemini(Mithun) – However, you will have good time as luck rises giving you good clothes, monetary benefits, success and religious functions at home. You will be lucky due to your spouse. Be aware and alert about miscreants as you are likely to be falsely implicated and have a loss of glow.
Cancer(Kark) – Keep an eye on minor health issues as these can give you worries. Other than that, you will be happy, get wealth, have an edge over enemies and will be successful in everything you do, making you happy with an enhanced social and financial reputation.
Leo(Sinh) – The days are all yours to make hay with good finances, happiness, good food, beneficial trips, fun and pleasure. However, you will have to work hard and use innovation to avoid suspicions, illusions and confusions.
Virgo(Kanya) – Blessings of elders give you good gains, health, fame, happiness, good stay at home. You will be able to defeat enemies, but you will tend to spend more. If sick, you will improve.
Libra(Tula) – You will be worried and also likely to have problems due to kids. Remember only hard work is not enough. You need to work hard and work smart backed by knowledge, logic, transparency, concentration and dedication. If any ingredient is missing, failures are certain. Avoid

Scorrpio(Vrishchik) – Be tender, empathetic and sympathetic at home and towards colleagues at work. Else you are likely to have restlessness, disturbed mind, conflicts and arguments.
Sagittarius(Dhanu)– Good timely decisions and support of women(especially siblings) will give you money, good food, good clothes, victory over enemies. You will have a good time with family and will benefit from it. Overall a good time.
Capricorn(Makar) – You are likely to feel sad due to some unwarranted disputes and worries, loss of wealth, failures. You may have a little argument with your neighbour too. If at all you travel, it will be under compulsion.
Aquarius(Kumbh) – Even though you will be happy and have pleasure, days will grant you good food and gifts, yet your adamant behaviour will be the cause of problems and feeling sad. You will be sombre in jovial atmosphere also.
Pisces(Meen) – You are likely to spend on religious functions, fell tensed and restless. You may take a loan for a property or a vehicle. Family environment will be conducive but your knowledge will benefit someone else and not you. You are also likely to have poor cooperation and little health problems.

For detailed individual accurate prediction as per Vedic Astrology, you are requested to contact on +91-9229112953.

Moon changes sign every 2.25 days, hence the prediction is being done for 2 days.

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