Prediction for 15th – 16th June, 2023 by Anoothie Vedic Astrology

Col Manoj Mehrotra Shastri_Vedic Astrology
Col Manoj Mehrotra Shastri_Vedic Astrology

Today’s Panchang

 Month – Jyeshtha
 Paksha – Krishna
 Tithi – Dwadashi up to 8:32 AM on 15 Jun 23. Tryodashi up to 8:39 AM on 16 Jun 23
 Nakshatra – Bharani up to 2:12 PM on 15 Jun 23, Krittika up to 3:07 PM on 16 Jun,
Rohini up to 3:43 AM on 17 Jun 23

Prediction Based on Moon Sign

Aries(Mesh) – On Thursday, suddenly people will pay you lot of respect even though you are tensed and your wealth will also increase. There will be moments of happiness too and you will enjoy good food and success also. You may participate in religious function and have no laziness. On Friday there can be unexpectedly loss of wealth and difference of opinion with family. Opponents will become strong and you will be unable to find a solution. You will still be able to complete delayed You will still not be mentally satisfied. Pray to Shiv pariwar and recite Atharva Shirsh srotra.

Taurus(Vrishabh) – Thursday is a rough day for you when your work suffers as you have to move out of office and you are not keeping well too. There can be problems from govt side too keeping you worried and sad. You will loose interest in food and have quarrels with relatives also. On Friday, although you will get success, happiness and pleasure and enjoy good food, yet you will experience back biting and foul language. There can be loss of wealth due to small arguments, hence you should control your communication. If you control yourself when emotional, people will respect you. Your work will suffer and there will be problems in job. Recite Sankat Nashan Ganesh Srotra and pray to Shiv pariwar. Keep water in copper pot at night on Thursday and Friday and have in morning.

Gemini(Mithun) – Thursday is a monetarily good day as your gains take a jump and social circle and social media also give you a good time. If you have a son in law/ daughter in law with whom you have problems, these two days can make your relations better. You will benefit due to interaction with women. Friday will give you non cooperation, loss of wealth and mental worries due to expenditure and loss of reputation. In addition, there will be minor health issues too. Recite Sankat Nashan Ganesh Srotra.

Cancer(Kark) – On Thursday, although there are chances of success at work, yet you will have to work hard, but it can go waste due to problems of anger and harsh tone. You are likely to be forced to eat stale food and may get injured/ hit causing you pain. You need to be careful, as your belongings can be stolen. Overall, Thursday is a time for physical and mental stress. Friday will prove lucky with good health, wealth, increase in income, victories and
success at work. There will be pleasure in women related matters and support from friends. Pray to Ma Gauri and recite Hanuman Chalisa. Take blessings of all elder women.

Leo(Sinh) – Thursday will make you work hard and you should not take any short cuts too. There can be problem from authorities causing loss in business. There is likely to be differences with male subordinates/ servants as luck is not in your favour. Enemies are likely to take advantage of such situations, hence keep an eye. Friday will give you success based on good decisions backed by knowledge or experience. Just do not fall prey to confusion. Your work will be praised by seniors and elders and may get promotion. Visit Laxmi Narayan temple and pray to Ganesh ji.

Virgo(Kanya) – Thursday is not a good day for you with minor health issues, arguments and quarrels. These will give you mental tensions and maybe loss of wealth. Communication will be the key word. On Friday, you can have problems from the state and have losses at work. Do not get into a verbal dual with younger males as it will give losses. Enemies will sense the discord and avail opportunity to trouble you. You need to pray to Guru and Ganesh ji.

Libra(Tula) – Thursday will give you benefits from personal as well as professional partnerships and you will get profits, monetary gains with short beneficial trip. You will enjoy good food, art and beauty. Friday will give you sudden loss of wealth and aggravation of existing health problem. Despite the fact that you have to work hard and you will get support of a knowledgeable elder, there will be confusions and fickle mindedness too. Avoid such things. You should pray to your Shiv pariwar and recite Ganesh Chalisa.

Scorrpio(Vrishchik) – On Thursday, luck will be in your favour with hard work only. You will get fame, success, monetary gains and happiness. Happiness will be at home and you will be able to defeat enemies and will be healthy. If already sick, you will feel better. But expenditure will be heavy. You will still spend on Friday but have monetary gains too. There can be beneficial short trips Recite and you will enjoy good food and have fun. But you will still have to work hard. Hanuman Chalisa and pray to Siv pariwar.

Sagittarius(Dhanu) – Thursday, if you have to go out of home or travel, cater for all contingencies as any type of travel will be uncomfortable and with problems. There ill be failures/ hurdles at work and you will also be mentally disturbed due to family. Drive carefully. Friday is a good day for you with gains, good health, fame, happiness and success. You will have good conversations with women giving you insights in knowledge, finance and public dealing. The home front will be happy and enemies will be defeated. You will incur heavy expenditure. Control your ego. Pray to Surya and your Guru.

Makar(Capricorn) – On Thursday, you will have quarrels with your family and have a restless mind. Your sleep and food habits are likely to be disturbed and do not argue with women. If you are not able to sleep, keep anise in a white hanky under your pillow. Do not indulge in water bodies On Friday, if you have to travel, you should cater for all eventualities as journeys will be uncomfortable. Drive carefully as you are mentally disturbed and work place will be a mess with hurdles and failures. Pray to Ma Gauri and reciting Hanuman Chalisa will help.

Aquarius(Kumbh) – On Thursday, you feel healthy and have increase in happiness and valour, even when you have to work hard. You will get success if you follow the rule book and will be able to dominate opponents. Do not ignore health issues on Friday. If already sick, sickness can aggravate. Enemies will also increase and can force a change of place, separation from relatives and loss of wealth Recite Hanuman Chalisa and pray to Shani.

Pisces(Meen) – On Thursday, you will be mentally not satisfied and have difference of opinion with your family as they do not agree with your logic and knowledge. There will be no happiness and failures at work. Bit do not adopt to any short cuts as they will lead you in to more mess. Friday will give you money, good clothes, keep you healthy and win over enemies. It will also give you happiness and benefits from family. Recite Purush Sukt and pray to Shiv ji.

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Moon changes sign every 2.25 days, hence the prediction is being done for 2 days

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