Policy for Award of Waterfront and Associated Land


The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the Policy for award of waterfront and associated land to port dependent industries in major ports and its operationalization.

The Policy will result in uniformity and transparency in the procedure for awarding captive facilities. It will enable optimal utilization of capacities in major ports and increase revenue to the Major Port Authority. The ambit of the Policy includes creation of new assets as well as utilization of currently unutilised existing assets such as vacant berths. The Policy will be applicable to all the Major Ports.

Under the Policy, concession will be granted to Port Dependent Industries (PDI) for setting up dedicated facilities in Major Ports for import and/or export of cargo and their storage before transportation to their destination, for a period not exceeding 30 years. Extension of concession period on conditions including under utilization of asset as per the Concession Agreement may be allowed.

After a maximum of 30 years of operation, the waterfront and associated land in a Major Port will be allotted for construction of berths, offshore anchorages, transhipment jetties, single point moorings etc. It will be as per the terms and conditions of the Concession Agreement (CA) to be entered into between the Port Authority and the PDI concerned.

Under the existing guidelines for private sector participation in Major Ports issued by the Ministry of Shipping (MoS) in 1996 and 1998, provisions have been made for allotment of waterfront and land on a captive basis to Port Based Industries including Central/State Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) which fulfil the prescribed eligibility criteria. Though, some berths and facilities have been set up in some Major Ports following these Guidelines, the potential for development of such facilities is not yet fully realized.

Government of India has focused on Port led development through the Sagarmala program as a key enabler for economic growth. Optimal utilization of land and waterfront at the disposal of the Major Ports is of critical importance in this context. The objective of this Policy is to ensure uniformity and transparency in the procedure for awarding captive facilities. The policy will help generate committed business for the Major Ports on a long term basis by facilitating the development and operation of dedicated port facilities by industries which are substantially dependent on a particular Major Port for import and/or export of their cargo and thus play a catalytic role in the eventual realization of the objectives of Port led development.


The Government of India is committed to improving the level and quality of physical and social infrastructure in the country of its goal of achieving national economic prosperity. In pursuance of this goal, the Government has envisaged a substantial role for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) as a means for harnessing private sector investment and operational efficiencies in the provision of public utilities and services. Allocation of waterfront and associated land to Port based Industries on PPP/captive basis is one of the areas which have been identified for participation/investment by the private sector in Major Ports.

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