Police Greyhound Training Centre

Police Greyhound Training Centre -Indian Bureaucracy
Police Greyhound Training Centre -Indian Bureaucracy

The Ministry of Home Affairs has constituted a Committee for examining the proposal submitted by Andhra Pradesh Government for replication of State of Art Greyhound Training Centre in the Andhra Pradesh, as per Section 9 of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014.

However, under the Special Infrastructure Scheme (SIS), pertaining to the up-gradation and filling critical gaps for special forces of the LWE affected States, this Ministry has released Rs. 9.99 crore in the year 2013-14 to Government of Andhra Pradesh for the purpose of procurement of arms and equipments for the existing Greyhounds. In the 2014-15, Rs.7.00 crore has been released to the successor State of Andhra Pradesh for setting up of Greyhound Training Centre at Vizag.

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