NLC India accomplished Swachh Bharat at Abaththaranapuram Village


Under the aegis of NLC India, 100 School students from NLC Boys’ Higher Secondary School, Block-11, High School, Block-26 and Tagore Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Block-29, Neyveli, stepped down to the road of Abaththaranapuram Village, a peripheral Village of Neyveli (14.11.2016) and cleaned well, under “Swachh Bharat” mission.Also, “Clean India Awareness” march around the streets of the village was performed by the students.

A National Mission of “Swachh Bharat” was passionately adopted by NLC India Limited. As part of it, two week programme is being conducted, which commenced from 1st November, 2016. On the line of progress, “Cleaning Programme” as well as “Clean India” (Swachh Bharat) Awareness Campaign were organized, today (14.11.2016) at Abaththaranapuram Village, which is the peripheral village of Neyveli. Also Hand Bills, which portrayed the need of Clean-India Mission was also circulated among the village people; pasted stickers at different prominent places of the villages, besides Clean-India Awareness March was performed at all the streets of the village.

In a special address, delivered by Mr. M. Senthilkumar, CM/Education Department said, though the “Cleaning Programme” was performed at the Abaththaranapuram Village, by NLC India Limited as part of the Prime Minister’s Vision of “Clean-India” movement, it is praiseworthy to note, that today’s Cleaning Programme was performed with the Support of the students, who are the nation’s future, which is everysooften stated by our Prime Minister, happened together with the Childrens’ Day.  The “Clean-India” mission of the Prime Minister was well convoyed by NLC India Limited to implement the dream come true through its action in peripheral villages of Neyveli for the past 14 days at 14 villages. Though NLC India made its effort to clean the village, it is the moral responsibility of the villagers, who should keep their village clean and hygiene forever. Also, he conveyed thanks for the support extended by Mr. M. Ramachandiran, President of AbaththaranapuramPanchayat.

This programme was efficiently performed under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Gunasekaran, DCE/Environmental&Mr. A. Asokan, APO/Education Department of NLC India.

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