Modernisation and Increasing Capacity of Major Ports

Krishnapatnam Port_indianbureaucracy
Krishnapatnam Port_indianbureaucracy

Modernisation and increasing the capacity of Major Ports is a continuous process. Government is regularly monitoring the Port projects to modernise/upgrade to increase capacity of the ports and also to bring them to the international standards through construction &modernisation of berths, installation of state of art equipment &mechanisation of cargo handling system at ports including the dredging projects to accommodate large vessels at major ports. With the increasing capacity of Major Ports the traffic will also gradually increase.

To enhance the port-connectivity (for both major and non-major ports) to country’s production and consumption centers, more than 80 connectivity projects have been identified under the Sagarmala Programme at an estimated infrastructure investment of more than Rs. 2 Lac Crore. This includes last mile road and rail connectivity infrastructure to the ports, freight expressways, heavy haul rail project to transport coal, new pipelines for transporting crude and petroleum products, development of prioritized inland waterways and new multi-modal logistics hubs.

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