Meeting on Naxal Activities

Naxal Activities-Indian Bureaucracy
Naxal Activities-Indian Bureaucracy

The Government of India conducts periodical reviews with Left Wing Extremism (LWE) affected States including Bihar and Jharkhand for better coordination, sharing information and capacity building etc. There has been a progressive decline of LWE incidents and deaths in Bihar and Jharkhand. The data for last three years (2013-2015 & upto 31.10.2016) is as below:

State 2013 2014 2015 2016

(upto 31.10.2016)

Incidents Deaths Incidents Deaths Incidents Deaths Incidents Deaths
Bihar 177 69 163 32 109 17 115




Jharkhand 387 152 384 103 310 56 286




      *figures in bracket show details of the corresponding period of 2015

The Central Government is pursuing a multi-pronged strategy to tackle Left Wing Extremism in the country, consisting of security related measures, development related interventions, ensuring rights and entitlements of local communities etc. In order to supplement the efforts of the State Government besides other projects such as construction of roads, improving networks of banks, post offices etc, Government of India has sanctioned 160 Fortified Police Stations in Bihar and Jharkhand of which 141 have been completed. 966 Mobile Towers were sanctioned and made operational. In addition, the Central Government assists States in reimbursement of Security Related Expenditure (SRE), providing funds for modernization of State police for equipment/arms etc.

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