Maharashtra govt to shunt out incompetent officials

Maharashtra Govt
Maharashtra Govt

The Devendra Fadnavis-led BJP government is set to prematurely retire officials of doubtful integrity and competency, particularly those who have completed 30 years in service or are in the 50-55 age bracket.

A week ago, the departments of cooperation, textiles and excise promulgated two independent orders to provide for review of performance of all officials who have completed 30 years of service or are between 50-55 years of age.

Sources said that the state government has set up two independent committees to review performance. The committee for review of performance of employees of the cooperation and textiles department will be headed by the principal secretary of the cooperation department, while for the excise department; the committee will be headed by principal secretary (excise). Besides the principal secretaries, joint and deputy secretaries of the two departments will be the members of the committees.

While no time frame has been fixed, it is expected that the two committees will complete their work in three months and submit their reports to the government.

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