M-Passport Mobile Application

m Passport-Seva
m Passport-Seva

The prototype of Mobile App “mPassport Police” was launched on the occasion of the Passport Seva Divas held during 24-26 June, 2015 at New Delhi.

The “mPassport Police” App would help the Police Verifying Officer to capture the data for Police Verification Report (PVR) on real-time basis at applicant’s place of residence and would expedite the submission of PVR, making the entire Police Verification flow digital and accountable. This app would be in addition to the existing mPassport Seva App which has been designed primarily for the citizens who are interested in Passport related information on their smart phones.

The development and testing of the “mPassport Police” App is at the advanced stage. It is expected to be implemented and operationalized during the current financial year.

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