LUVAS celebrates 75th Republic Day

LUVAS celebrates 75th Republic Day

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Lala_Lajpat_Rai_University_of_Veterinary_and_Animal_Sciences_logo LUVAS

On the 75th Republic Day, a celebration filled with pride and enthusiasm took place at Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences. On this occasion, the university’s Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Vinod Kumar Verma, hoisted the national flag. The Republic Day celebration saw the presence of university officials, department heads, faculty members, non-teaching staff, and students.

DR Vinod Verma republic day 2024

Addressing the gathering during the ceremony, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Vinod Kumar Verma extended congratulations to everyone on the 75th Republic Day. He highlighted that on this day in 1950, India adopted its constitution, transforming into a sovereign republic. Reflecting on the achievements of the nation, he emphasized the need to remember the contributions of India’s freedom fighters, the framers of the constitution, and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, who provided the world with one of the best constitutions.

Dr. Verma shared insights into the challenges faced by India during its struggle for independence, including poverty and illiteracy. He credited the hard work of Indians for transforming the country into a space where no other nation has ventured—the moon. Acknowledging the dedication of Indian scientists and citizens, he highlighted India’s position as the fifth-largest economy globally and a nuclear-powered nation. He praised the sacrifices and resilience of the citizens, stating that India successfully faced challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and swiftly resumed its journey of development.

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At the university level, Dr. Verma mentioned various achievements, including the inauguration of new facilities such as the administrative building and secretary’s office in the new campus at Luvās on January 24, 2024. He outlined accomplishments such as the establishment of a special unit for the treatment of animals’ eyes in the Surgery and Radiology Department, the initiation of Haryana Livestock Science Center in Bahal, Bhiwani, and Lakkadiya in Jhajjar district, along with the creation of a Technology Innovation Center, Innovation Council, and Audio-Video Visual Center.

Dr. Verma also highlighted accomplishments in the education sector, including students from the College of Dairy Sciences securing the first position in the national JRF examination, various initiatives in capacity building for teachers and staff, and Luvās students securing positions on 12 out of 36 seats at the national level in B.S.F.

Encouraging university staff and students, Dr. Verma expressed the need to work towards realizing the vision of the honorable Prime Minister. He emphasized the importance of exploring new heights in education and science, contributing to revenue generation, entrepreneurship development, and establishing new startups in the fields of dairy farming and animal husbandry. Dr. Verma urged everyone to strive to make India a developed nation by 2047, working shoulder to shoulder, so that India’s flag can once again flutter proudly in every domain and regain its globally renowned identity.

Director of Student Welfare Dr. Pavan Kumar Verma extended gratitude to the present officials, department heads, N.C.C. Colonel Rao, Luvās employees, and students.

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