K Nandini Singla appointed Ambassador of India to Portugal

Mrs K.Nandini Singla IFS-indianbureaucracy
Mrs K.Nandini Singla IFS-indianbureaucracy

Ms K Nandini Singla IFS (1997) presently Joint Secretary in the Ministry has been appointed as Ambassador of India to Portugal.

IndianBureaucracy.com wishes Ms Singla the very best .


  1. Congratulations Nandini! I had seen you years ago in the Karnataka University Youth Festival where you won a prize for a debate. I had won the third prize then. Just read about you and am so proud of you! I studied almost similar like you. Political Science Major from Women’s College but later did law. Am in Indore at present.

  2. Congratulations Nandini! I had seen you years ago. Am in Bangalore at present.
    (9980305274) I had seen you last 1994.

  3. Namaste Madam,

    I have been a great fan of yours since your College days in Bagalkot. You may know me as a cycling and lucky dip partner. Congratulations dear friend.


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