International Co-Operation on Health Sector


To scale up international cooperation in the health sector, various Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs)/Agreements have been signed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare/Ministry of AYUSH with foreign countries. The list of countries with whom the MoUs/Agreements have been signed is given below:-

List of Countries

with whom Ministry of Health & Family Welfare / Ministry of AYUSH has signed

Agreements / Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) /

 Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) / Statement of Intent (SoI)


Department of Health & Family Welfare:


Sl.No Name of country Date of signing Subject
1. Afghanistan 28-08-2005 (Agreement) Healthcare & Medical Science
2. Austria 17-02-2004 (Agreement) Health
3. Bangladesh 12-02-2013  (MoU) Health & Medical Science
4. Brazil 05-05-1998 (Agreement) Health & Medicine
5. Bulgaria 28-11-2011 (Agreement) Health & Medicine
6. Burundi 18-09-2012  (MoU) Health & Medicine
7. Cyprus 08-10-2002 (Agreement) Public Health & Medical Sciences
8. China 03-09-1994 (Agreement) Health & Medicine
9. Columbia 19-01-2010 (Agreement) Health
10. Croatia 09-06-2010 (Agreement) Health & Medicine
11. Egypt 18-11-2008  (MoU) Health & Medicine
12. Fiji Islands 10-10-2005 (Agreement) Health & Medicine
13. Japan 01-09-2014  (MoC) Healthcare
14. Hungary 18-01-2008 (Plan of Cooperation) Public Health
15. India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) 17-10-2007 (MoU) Health & Medicine
16. Indonesia 11-10-2013  (MoU) Health
17. Israel 09-09-2003 (Agreement) Health & Medicine
18. Kazakhstan 16-04-2011 (Agreement) Healthcare
19. Kuwait 23-04-2012  (MoU) Medical cooperation
20. Latvia 28-02-2012 (Agreement) Healthcare & Medical Science
21. Malawi 03-11-2010  (MoU) Health & Medicine
22. Maldives 02-01-2014  (MoU) Health
23. Mauritius 12-03-2013  (MoU) Health & Medicine
24. Mongolia 14-09-2009 (Agreement) Health & Medical Science
25. Mozambique 22-02-2004 (Agreement) Health & Medicine
26. The Netherlands 30-01-2014  (MoU) Health Care & Public Health
27. Philippines 05-10-2007  (MoU) Health & Medicine
28. Poland 24-04-2009 (Agreement) Health & Medicine
29. Russia 16-12-2011  (MoU) Drug quality & safety standards
30. Rwanda 12-11-2010  (MoU) Health & Medicine
31. Saudi Arabia 20-11-2006 (Executive Programme) Health & Family Welfare
32. Seychelles 10-09-2003  (MoU) Health
33. Sweden 24-02-2009  (MoU) Health Care and Public Health
34. Tajikistan 03-09-2012 (Agreement) Health & Medicine
35. United Kingdom 19-05-2013  (MoU) Health
36. Yemen 09-06-2013 (Agreement) Health & Medicine
37. US-FDA 10-02-2014  (SoI) Medical Products
38. Among – India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Thailand [facilitated by WHO] 09-09-2014  (MoU) Kala-azar


Department of Health Research:


Sl. No Organization / Country Date of signing Subject
1. Department of Health Research and National Institute of Health & Care (NICE), UK 14-06-2013 Strengthen evidence based clinical policy making in healthcare system through Medical Technology Assessment Board.
2. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Research Council of Norway on Health Research 14-10-2014 Encourage research in a range of health areas of mutual interest, including human vaccine, infectious diseases and anti-microbial resistance.
3. ICMR and International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), USA 10-11-2014 Cooperation in AIDS vaccine development.
4. ICMR and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research 11-12-2014 Cooperation in specific areas of health research, such as, oncology, bioinformatics, neurosciences, new generation vaccines and HIV/AIDS.

Ministry of AYUSH:

Sl. No Country Date of signing Subject
1. Hungary 17-10-2013 Strengthen, promote and develop cooperation in the field of traditional systems of medicines.
2. Bangladesh 09-09-2014 Strengthen, promote and develop cooperation in the field of Traditional Systems of Medicines and Homoeopathy.
3. Nepal 25-11-2014 Strengthen, promote and develop Cooperation in the field of Traditional Systems of Medicines.

The international cooperation facilitates capacity building, training, exchange of information, exchange of experts, health manpower development, and technical support in establishing laboratories / hospitals and research in mutually identified areas, on the basis of equality, reciprocity and mutual benefit.  It provides opportunities for sharing and emulating best practices and learning from each other, to address the health challenges faced by the country.

The Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Shri J P Nadda stated this in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha here wishes the very best.