Incredible India overseas campaigns to create traction in India

national tourism awards
national tourism awards

Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of State for Culture and Tourism and Minister of State for Civil Aviation said that Ministry of Tourism, as part of its on-going activities is regularly investing in print, electronic, online and outdoor media campaigns in the international markets to promote “Incredible India” with mission to bring forth various tourism destinations and products of India.

Indian_tourism_overseas_indianbureaucracyIn addition, the ministry is undertaking a series of promotional activities like travel fairs and exhibitions, Road Shows, “Know India” seminars & workshops, Indian food festivals as lead organisers or as joint sponsors. Under the “Hospitality Programme” the Ministry is inviting opinion makers, prominent media personalities, tour operators to visit the country and is offering support in joint advertising and print material.

Financial support is also extended under the “Marketing Development Assistance Scheme” to approved service providers, State Governments and Union Territories for promotional activities undertaken by them in the overseas markets including Sales-cum- study tours, participation in Fairs/Exhibitions and Road Shows and production of publicity material, Sales Tours etc.

The details of the Budget Estimates (BE), Revised Estimates (RE) and Actual Expenditure under the Overseas Promotional Marketing Development (OPMD) Scheme of the Ministry of Tourism are as under:

Year Budget Estimate (BE) in crore Revised Estimate(RE) in crore Actual Expenditure(AE) in crore
2013-14 350. 00 216.00 195.29
2014-15 330.00 164.00 166.36
2015-16 330.00 190.05 164.69 *

The differences in Budget Estimates and Revised Estimates is due to an overall cut in the budget of the Ministry of Tourism. The media campaigns for the year 2012-13 were carried forward and actually implemented in the calendar year 2013. Full-fledged centralized media campaigns could not get released in the next two years due to various reasons including demand for advance payment, lack of response to tender and non-finalization of media plans leading to savings from the funds allocated for undertaking these activities.

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