In the rain , shower or pool with the Samsung Galaxy 7


It’s Raining !! and thankfully I have a mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 to go with me so be it rains ,  shower, or the pool. Since we spend more time with our phones than ever before, Samsung is constantly devising ways for you to get what you need at a touch and at a glance.

By the way , Galaxy S7 can sustain water till a depth of 1.5 metres or more  for about 30  minutes , while the inside components are sealed , the micro USB ports, earphone jacks are open . Though the battery is quite big but surprisingly the charging is fast too !! . Powerful processors help in running smooth and fast and Galaxy S7 gives the slimmest feel in your hand without compromising the big screen size.

Samsung Galaxy S7 completely changes how you’ll share experiences and memories, shattering the boundaries of what a phone can do. And it’s the biggest thing to happen to phones. Ever. !!Really !

It keeps me happy with the thought that if it rains -no problem, if it falls in water -no problem , in the swimming pool -no problem and by the way it works perfectly when sunny too 🙂  Highly recommended !

For more Info : Samsung Galaxy S7

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