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Himanchal Pradesh DM Contact Nos
Himanchal Pradesh DM Contact Nos

Himanchal Pradesh DM Contact Details : A District Magistrate, often known as DM, is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer who is the senior most executive magistrate and chief in charge of general administration of a district in India. Since district magistrates are responsible for collection of land revenue in the district, the post is also referred to as the district collector.

Bilaspur DC Contact No : dc-bil-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01978-224155
Chamba DC Contact No : dc-cha-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01899-224847
Hamirpur DC Contact No : dc-ham-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01972-224300
Kangra DC Contact No : at Dharamshala dc-kan-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01892-222103
Kinnaur DC Contact No :at Rekong Peo dc-kin-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01786-222252
Kullu DC Contact No : dc-kul-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01902-222727
Lahaul & Spit DC Contact No :at Keylong dc-lah-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01900-222501
Mandi DC Contact No : dc-man-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01905-225201
Shimla DC Contact No : dc-shi-hp[at]nic[dot]in 0177-2655988
Sirmaur DC Contact No : at Nahan dc-sir-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01702-225025
Solan DC Contact No :dc-sol-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01792-220656
Una DC Contact No : dc-una-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01975-225800

Bilaspur SDM Contact No Bilaspur sdms-bil-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01978-224798
Ghumarwin sdmghu-bil-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01978-255227
Jhandhuta sdm-jhd-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01978-272122
Shri Naina Devi Ji at Swarghat sdmsnd-bil-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01978-284035
Chamba SDM Contact No Bharmaur sdmbhar-cha-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01895-225027
Chamba sdmcha-cha-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01899-222278
Chowari sdmbha-cha-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01899-266455
Churah sdmtis-cha-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01896-227033
Dalhousie sdmdal-cha-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01899-242122
Pangi sdmpan-cha-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01897-222222
Salooni sdmsal-cha-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01896-233122
Hamirpur SDM Contact No Barsar sdmbsr-ham-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01972-288045
Bhoranj sdmbrj-ham-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01972-266928
Hamirpur sdmham-ham-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01972-224304
Nadaun sdmndn-ham-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01972-232511
Sujanpur sdmsujanpur84[at]gmail[dot]com 01972-272700
Kangra SDM Contact No Baijnath sdmbai-kan-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01894-263656
Dehra sdmdeh-kan-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01970-233102
Dharamshala sdmdha-kan-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01892-223315
Dheera sdmdhe-kan-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01894-222666
Fatehpur sdmfat-kan-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01970-256222
Indora sdmind-kan-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01893-256222
Jaisinghpur sdmjai-kan-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01894-228111
Jawali sdmjaw-kan-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01893-264310
Jwalamukhi sdmjji-kan-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01970-223100
Kangra sdmkan-kan-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01892-265024
Nagrota Bagwan sdmngb-kan-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01892-252001
Nurpur sdmnur-kan-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01893-220024
Palampur sdmpal-kan-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01894-230595
Shahpur sdmsha-kan-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01892-237007
Kinnaur SDM Contact No Kalpa sdmklp-kin-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01786-222253
Nichar sdmnic-kin-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01786-253201
Pooh sdmpoh-kin-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01785-232222
Kullu SDM Contact No Ani sdmani-kul-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01904-253344
Banjar sdmban-kul-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01903-221253
Kullu sdmkul-kul-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01902-222596
Manali sdmman-kul-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01902-254100
Lahaul Spiti SDM Contact No Kaza dc-lah-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01906-222302
Keylong sdm-keylong[at]nic[dot]in 01900-222225
Udaipur dc-lah-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01909-222224
Mandi SDM Contact No Balh sdm[dot]balh[at]gmail[dot]com 01905-242001
Dharampur sdmmandpr[at]gmail[dot]com 01905-272080
Gohar sdmmanghr[at]gmail[dot]com 01907-250283
Jogindernagar sdmmanjnr[at]gmail[dot]com 01908-223895
Karsog sdmmanksg[at]gmail[dot]com 01907-222236
Mandi sdmmansdr[at]gmail[dot]com 01905-225207
Padhar sdmmanpdr[at]gmail[dot]com 01908-260666
Sarkaghat sdmmanskt[at]gmail[dot]com 01905-230042
Sundernagar sdmmansnr[at]gmail[dot]com 01907-266001
Shimla SDM Contact No Chopal sdmchp-shi-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01783-260014
Dodra Kawar sdmdkr-shi-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01781-272001
Kumarsain sdmdkumarsain[at]gmail[dot]com 01782-241111
Rampur sdmram-shi-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01782-233002
Rohru sdmroh-shi-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01781-240009
Shimla Rural sdmshr-shi-hp[at]nic[dot]in 0177-2657009
Shimla Urban sdmshu-shi-hp[at]nic[dot]in 0177-2657007
Theog sdmthg-shi-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01783-238502
Sirmaur SDM Contact No Nahan sdm-nhn-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01702-222239
Pachhad 01799-236528
Paonta Sahib sdm-paonta-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01704-224100
Rajgarh sdm-rajgarh-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01799-221034
Sangrah sdm-sangrah-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01702-248004
Shillai sdm-shillai-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01704-278534
Solan SDM Contact No Arki sdmarki.hp[at]nic[dot]in 01796-220666
Kandaghat sdmkandaghat.hp[at]nic[dot]in 01792-256100
Nalagarh sdmnalagarh.hp[at]nic[dot]in 01795-223024
Solan sdmsolan.hp[at]nic[dot]in 01792-223707
Una SDM Contact No Amb sdm-amb-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01976-261203
Bangana sdm-bangana-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01975-263060
Haroli sdm-haroli-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01975-284400
Una sdm-una-hp[at]nic[dot]in 01975-223621

Disclaimer : In this crisis moment, we have tried our best to get the relevant /important contacts in one place . The Nos stated above have been taken from Govt Records but since it is a transferable job profile , some nos/officers  may have changed . PLS INFORM US ON +91-9818610088 (via sms or watsapp) OR EMAIL ON : info@indianbureaucracy.com  FOR ANY CHANGES to be made. We just hope it adds some value to your search . 

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