Film ‘I Cannot Give You My Forest’ inspired by issues of Niyamgiri Adivasis


Nandan Saxena and Kavita Bahl’s film ‘I Cannot Give You My Forest’ is the story of Struggle for the survival of Adivasis in Niyamgiri. The main theme of the film is an intimate poetic window into the lives of the Kondh, the original dwellers (Adivasis) of the forests of Niyamgiri in Odisha State.

“In a simple term this film is about those peoples relationship with the forest”,Kavita stated. It highlights environmental issues and focus on struggle of tribals in day-today life.

The film has won this year’s National award in the category of Best Environmental Film.

Bengali Filmmaker Barun Chanda elaborated about the film ‘ Sohra Bridge’, the Story of a daughter who embarks on a journey, across the remote expanses of North East India, looking for her father. She finds herself drawn towards a complex labyrinth of memory of imagination.

‘Cherrapunji’ is known as ‘Sohara’ by locals. So, the title is inspired from that, said Barun Chanda.

Briefing about his work, Director, Sankar Debnath of ‘Pakaram’ said, “I always searched myself through my work”.  The Bengali film revolves around a 10 year old myriad boy, Tapu. He is forever wandering in a world of dreams and fantasies, and expresses himself and his reveries through his paintings.

Sankar Debnath said, “I wrote the story of Pakaram as an ode to my childhood memories, of dreams and imagination, and of the wonder of the natural surroundings in which I grew.”

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