FCI raises concern on quality of jute bags


Expressing concern over quality of jute bags, Food Corporation of India (FCI) has stated that higher use of lower grade jute in manufacturing of gunny bags could lead to devastating effects in storage of food grains.In a letter to Jute Commissioner earlier this month, the corporation said it had to face huge difficulties due to bleeding bags, resistance from PDS (public distribution system) authorities and wastage of foodgrains as the specifications of jute gunny bags have been revised twice diluting bag weight, breaking strength and others during the last one year.

“…there is a proposal to use higher proportions of TD-6 (a low grade variety of jute) and other lower grade jute in manufacturing of jute bags, which FCI is of the view that it could further dilute the quality of jute bags which would still make the situation worse during the course of storage of foodgrains,” it said.

Usually, state procuring agencies procure food grains and then, it is handed over to the FCI for further dispatch to different states. The operation of procurement and distribution of food grains involve eight times handling of bags by the labourers at warehouses points as well as railheads.

“As FCI maintains buffer stock for minimum period 8-12 months, any kind of further dilution in quality of jute bags would have devastating effects in storage, which would cause national loss in the form of wastage of food grains,” it added.

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