Fact Sheet on Punjab Assembly Elections 2017

Election Commission of India (ECI)
Election Commission of India (ECI)

In Punjab, as per information provided by the Chief Electoral Officer, there are two Recognized State parties viz., Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

Smallest &Largest Constituency by Area &Electorate:

Among the Assembly Constituencies (AC), by area, the smallest is 61-Ludhiana Central and the largest one is 55-Dakha.By size of the Electorate, the smallest is 26-BholathAC with 1,28,761 electors and the largest being 66-GillAC with 2,37,399 electors.Further, the size-wise composition of the 117 electorates is shown below:

Size of Electorate


Number of Assembly Constituencies


<100000 NIL
100000 150000 17
150000 200000 91
> 20000 9
Total 117

Theelectors who have received the Electoral Photo ID Card (EPIC) are further categorized by sex which, as the charts show, are fairly evenly constituted by Males and Females. Further, there are 380electors reported from the ‘Third Gender’ in the electorate and there are a total of281 NRI voters and 1,50,564 voters from the services.

Punjab Assembly Elections 2017

Age and Sexwise Composition of Electorate:

Age Male Female Third Gender Total
1825 years 1744922 1156960 122 2902004
2540 4038177 3597854 164 7636195
4060 3266641 3146337 69 6413047
>60 1390570 1408123 25 2798718
Total 10440310 9309274 380 19749964

The following is a graphical representation of demographic statistics of the electorate based on different age groups among males and females. There are a total of 380 electors documented from the ‘Third Gender’.

Punjab Assembly Elections 2017 2

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