Dr Jitendra Singh launches dashboard for efficient Parliament Business and unveils new complex

Ministry of Science & Technology-india bureaucracy
Ministry of Science & Technology-idiabureaucracy

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh unveiled the “Dashboard” software portal for the Ministry of Science & Technology, streamlining real-time Parliament activities. The platform covers Parliament Questions, Acts, Gazette Notifications, and Cabinet Notes. In tandem, Dr Singh laid the foundation for a cutting-edge 500-seat Auditorium Block in the Technology Bhavan Complex, slated for completion in 24 months. The initiative aligns with the government’s commitment to advanced infrastructure.

Addressing the Startup landscape, Dr Jitendra Singh highlighted the DST’s support for over 12,000 StartUps, envisioning India as the global Startup hub under PM Modi’s leadership. He stressed the need for a robust mechanism to monitor and sustain Startup growth, especially those backed by government support.

Dr Singh underscored the transformative impact of Startups in rural India, driving the Digital India campaign and creating significant job opportunities. He emphasized the synergy of Science, Research, Academia, Startups, and Industry, with the Anusandhan National Research Foundation (NRF) playing a pivotal role. In conclusion, Dr Jitendra Singh expressed confidence that NRF, coupled with the new National Education Policy (NEP-2020), would pave the way for PM Modi’s vision of a developed India by 2047.

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