Courts and lawyers should accept bargain pleas: Secretary Legal Affairs, Govt. to reduce Central tribunals from 35 to 10

Mr.MALHOTRA _IndianBureaucracy
Mr.MALHOTRA _IndianBureaucracy

Shri P K Malhotra, Secretary Department of Legal Affairs, Ministry of Law & Justice informed that the central government is in favour of bringing down the number of central tribunals from its current strength of 35 to 10-11 to increase efficiency and faster dispensation of justice to resolve the corporate criminal disputes.

During a panel discussion, Mr. Malhotra agreed with Mr. Alok B. Shriram, President of PHD Chamber on the concept of “Bargain Plea” to sort out disputes amicably. “The courts and the lawyers should be persuaded to accept bargain pleas to resolve disputes”, said Mr. Malhotra. While, a separate chapter of ‘Plea Bargaining’ is already there in criminal procedure courts but it is actively discouraged both by the courts and the lawyers.

He further said need of the hour is to reduce laws and quantify them making implementation faster. Also he highlighted that judges have to be very careful and vigilant while disposing of the cases of criminal liability and this power should be exercised judiciously as proper distinction is need of the hour for ‘Ease of doing business in India’.

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