Consider Scheme for Porters in Jammu and Kashmir Top Court to Centre

Jammu and Kashmir Court
Jammu and Kashmir Court

Sympathising with the porters who risk their lives and help the army at high altitude in Jammu and Kashmir, the Supreme Court has asked the National Democratic Alliance government to frame a scheme to help those who have had either died or suffered disability in the process.The top court also appreciated Centre’s decision to give Rs. 50,000 to the porters as one time compensation for those who had served 10 years. The court said, “Government has taken a positive step.”

A few hundred porters work as casual labourers and help the Indian soldiers to perform their duties in high altitudes at the Pakistan border carrying ration and other items. They had approached the top court seeking regularise their service in the government, a move which has been opposed till now.

The top court has said that it cannot help the porters legally, but asked the Centre to consider helping the porters who serve the army. The government then took a decision to give them one time cash payment of Rs. 50,000 to those who served as porters for a period of 10 to 12 years.

Advocate R Balasubramanian, who appeared for the Defence ministry, informed the court today that an order in this regard was issued yesterday and the payments will be made within a few weeks.

The court said, “Since these porters are locals and its source of income for them, let the government consider a scheme to help those who had died or suffered disability during work.”

The government has agreed to consider the suggestion by the top court.

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