CMD SJVN launched contract Labour Information Portal

SJVN Limited
SJVN Limited

In line with vision of “Digital India” of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendera Modi and extending social security and other benefits to contractual employees, Chairman & Managing Director, SJVN, Shri R.N. Misra launched Contractual Labour Information Portal (CLIP) on web.  The web portal which is a part of SJVN website is launched in the esteemed presence of Director (Personnel), Shri N.L. Sharma, Director (Electrical), Shri R.K. Bansal, Director (Civil), Shri Kanwar Singh and other senior officials of SJVN.

The web portal is a step towards union government’s vision of Digitization of India.  The portal will ensure that basic information about the contract labour deployed in SJVN is available in Public Domain.  The concerned individuals will be able to access detailed information about them which will create an enabling environment.  This will foster transparency and eliminating any discretion in the system.

The individual concerned will be able to access details about social security which includes insurance & provident fund and other benefits under the provision of Minimum Wages and Payment of Wages Act as provided to the contract workers engaged by contractors of SJVN.

This transparency in the system will bring about a sense of empowerment among the persons deployed in SJVN through various contractors.  The deployed persons will now be more aware about their rights and various social security benefits available to them.


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