Clocking more than 100 Million Global Users in Q1 of 2016


The world’s most preferred app for cross platform sharing, SHAREit,  announced that it has surpassed the 500-million-users mark with more than 1.5 million daily users. Since its launch, SHAREit has grown to become a popular and user-friendly app, clocking more than 100 million users in the first quarter of the year. With 20% of its global users from the country, India is a key market and focus area for SHAREit’s global expansion plans.

It is interesting to note, that as much as 80% percent of the data shared between mobile devices in India is transmitted through SHAREit. The amount of data shared using the app has surpassed 100 million files each day, signifying that people are actively using the app to transfer data. The stellar growth rate can be credited to its consistent top ranking in Google Play Store. SHAREit recently ranked first in the tool list of Google Play Store and iOS’s efficiency rating.

Speaking about this milestone, Yan Fei, CEO, SHAREit said, “We are delighted with the overwhelming response we have been receiving for SHAREit across India, China and other global markets. SHAREit is planning to invest more in the development strategy for the Indian market to get a better understanding of the needs of the local customers. SHAREit has always been committed to provide a better user experience, and will continue to upgrade the features of the app based on the requirements of the Indian users. Our aim is to breach the billion mark and make it a household name, given the amazing response it is receiving at the moment.”

Since the availability of the app in 2013, SHAREit has made adequate endeavours in improving its user experience that led to this significant achievement in the country. Earlier this year, SHAREit had introduced four new interesting features to the app such as SHAREit Vault, CLONEit, Webshare, and an integrated music player, designed essentially for the Indian consumers.

With the growing popularity of the app across the country, SHAREit is planning to create a version of the app in Hindi to reach a larger audience based in tier 2, tier 3 and rural areas who may have less access or no access to the Internet.

About SHAREit:

Since its launch in 2012, SHAREit has emerged to become the representative app of cross platform sharing in China, stepping into the first level in the global app list. As the most valuable data traffic platform in the overseas emerging market, SHAREit has more than five hundred million loyal domestic and international customers, and has occupied the first place of the app list in the overall ranking in many countries, currently staying in the rapidly developing situation. For more information, visit:

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