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Migration from sea-level rise could reshape cities inland

Summary:Researchers estimate that approximately 13.1 million people could be displaced by rising ocean waters, with Atlanta, Houston and Phoenix as top destinations for those forced to relocate.

When Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana in 2005, cities inland saw an influx of evacuees escaping the storm and its aftermath. Now, a new University of Georgia… Read More

Jet becomes first Indian airline to offer UPI for payments

Jet Airways’ passengers can now buy tickets online using the industry’s latest payment mechanism – Unified Payments Interface (UPI). The new system allows funds to be transferred instantaneously between any two bank accounts, using a smartphone. UPI becomes the airline’s 21st digital payment option and Jet becomes the only Indian airline to offer… Read More

Teaching happiness to men with HIV boosts their health

Summary:When individuals recently diagnosed with HIV were coached to practice skills to help them experience positive emotions, the result was less HIV in their blood and lower antidepressant use, reports a new study. Men using positive emotion skills learned to cope with their stress, while men in the control group increased their use of anti-depressants.… Read More

Observations not so far apart on planet’s response to greenhouse gas emissions


Summary:Recent observations suggest less long-term warming, or climate sensitivity, than the predicted by climate models. But the mismatch is resolved by factoring in that Earth is still in the early stages of adjusting to greenhouse gases.

How hot our planet will become for a given amount of greenhouse gases is a key number in climate change. As the calculation… Read More

Rolls-Royce to provide mooring system for Statoil’s oil platform Njord A

Rolls-Royce has been chosen by Norway-based engineering and construction services firm Kvaerner to provide a mooring system for Norwegian oil and gas company Statoil’s oil platform, Njord A.

Njord A is being upgraded by Kvaerner and Rolls-Royce has been chosen to provide an upgrade to its mooring system. The contract has a value of about £15 million.Njord… Read More

Glacier shape influences susceptibility to thinning

Summary:Researchers have identified glaciers in West Greenland that are most susceptible to thinning in the coming decades by analyzing how they’re shaped. The research could help predict how much the Greenland Ice Sheet will contribute to future sea-level rise during the next century, a number that currently ranges from inches to feet.

Researchers… Read More

Retreating Yukon Glacier caused a river to disappear

Summary:A postmortem of the first known case of ‘river piracy’ in modern times outlines how a retreating glacier in the Yukon diverted water from one river to another, leading to many downstream effects.

The massive Kaskawulsh Glacier in northern Canada has retreated about a mile up its valley over the past century.

Last spring, its retreat triggered

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Goal should be symptom relief in a worsening Heart Failure

Summary:In patients experiencing a worsening of heart failure, the primary objective of treatment should be the patient-centric goal of symptom relief, says the author of an editorial in the current issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

In patients experiencing a worsening of heart failure, the primary objective of treatment should be the patient-centric… Read More

Changes in User Interface annoying for People 

Summary:Researchers modelled learning and visual search and predicted how users learn new or partially changed user interfaces. The model shows that even small changes can disturb visual search and impede use.

Researchers modelled learning and visual search and predicted how users learn new or partially changed user interfaces. The model shows that even… Read More

Nearly two billion people depend on imported Food

Summary:Researchers show empirically: when population pressure increases, food is imported. The big issue, say authors of a new report, is that people may not even be aware that they have chosen dependency on imports over further investment in local production or curbing demand.

Earth’s capacity to feed its growing population is limited — … Read More

IndiGo adds 18 new flights to its domestic network

IndiGo announced additional 18 flights on its domestic network starting from June 2017. IndiGo will operate its 15th flight between Bengaluru and Delhi (to and fro), and 10th additional flight between Bengaluru and Hyderabad and Kolkata and Bengaluru (to and fro). Additionally, the airline will also operate new additional flights from Ranchi, Guwahati… Read More