BRICS U – 17 Football Tournaments at Goa: Match Results

South Africa v China: In the 5th match of BRICS U-17 Football Tournament 9th October 2016 at 04:00 PM witnessed a tie between South Africa and China with the score being Nil. Both teams showed their best foot forward and played to their strengths. The game started at a very low pace but it did have its moments of excitement when it seemed like the team would manage a score.

While Lyle Foster from South Africa came close to scoring he kept missing his mark by inches. However at the 22nd minute China’s Tao Qianglong had a chance to take the lead but unfortunately luck was not on his side.

Though additional five minutes were given, the score read 0-0.

Brazil vs Russia

In a nail biting match between Brazil & Russia in the BRICS U-17 Football Tournament, the match started on a very high note with both the teams trying to gain control over the ball and subsequently over the match. Brazil’s defenders Victor Matos and Lucas Halter defended their goals from the Russian strikers.

Russia’s Lopatin Daniil tried to score the opening goal in the 36th minute when the goal was wide open, the Brazilian Goal Keeper Arthur de Souza managed to save it at the very last second, with this Brazil came back with revenge and scored the opening goal in the 37th minute at the right flank by Victor Gabriel Moura de Oliveira

In the second half Russian’s Velikorodnyy Dmitry tried leveling out the playing field but was stopped by the Brazilian Goal Keeper Arthur de Souza in the 53rd minute. However Brazilian’s Vinicius de Oliveira Junior jumped over the opposing Goal keeper and walked the ball into the goal. With the added pressure of the additional 4 minute Russia tried to score for their team but failed to do so ending the match in Brazil’s favor by 2-0.

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