BRICS Business Incubator accelerates Entrepreneurial Collaborations in Omsk

Sharmishtha Ghosh BRICS
Sharmishtha Ghosh BRICS

The BRICS Business Incubator International Acceleration Program has scheduled its full-time component to be held in Omsk from August 20th to August 24th, 2023. This program, organized by the Government of the Omsk Region, Omsk State Technical University, and ANO “Leaders of International Cooperation,” will bring together more than 100 entrepreneurs, investors, and business association representatives from BRICS and the Central Asian region. The main objective of the program is to create a favorable environment for business communities to collaborate and grow collectively. While financial support is important, the focus is on cooperation, mentoring, and fostering mutual growth.

Sharmishtha Ghosh, Founder MD of INTANDEM GLOBAL CONSULTING PVT. LTD. and a member of the BRICS CCI Governing Body, emphasized the significance of such forums in enabling strong relationships between business communities. Sharmishtha herself is among the program’s winners, along with 25 other entrepreneurs from the five BRICS nations.

Dmitriy Mayevsky, Rector of OmSTU, commented on the benefits of hosting the business incubator in Omsk at the technical university. He mentioned that it would attract young and talented entrepreneurs to address important social and economic issues, facilitate connections with major investors, and strengthen the international partnership between the region and BRICS countries. He highlighted the project’s uniqueness in terms of scale and practical and strategic significance for entrepreneurs and business communities across nations.

The participants of the program will have the opportunity to present their projects to investors from large investment organizations and private funds in various sectors such as innovation, technology, IT infrastructure, logistics, consulting, e-commerce, education, healthcare, food industry, hospitality, and more. Rim Khasanov, an expert of the BRICS Business Incubator and President of the ANO “Eurasian Investment Agency,” described the program as a crucial support system for entrepreneurs seeking international expansion. He believes that the projects developed by the incubator winners will bring breakthroughs to their respective industries and drive market change.

Andrey Kostylev, the winner of the BRICS Business Incubator from Russia and the founder of the Labmein medical technology project, expressed excitement about participating in the program and finding new partners and opportunities abroad. He is focused on entering new markets and collaborating with BRICS countries, anticipating the signing of agreements and beneficial connections.

A significant aspect of the 2023 business incubator is the collaboration with large investment organizations and private funds from BRICS countries, which will provide financing for at least 70% of the participants’ projects. The event expects numerous cooperation agreements and investment contracts to be signed, strengthening relationships between the BRICS business communities.

Evgeny Larionov, an investor of the BRICS Business Incubator and a member of the Board of Directors of the Dome Foundation Investment Club, highlighted the promising growth and potential of the BRICS markets. Hence, they are actively looking for projects in this direction.

Aside from the presentations and workshops, the program will also include excursions to leading enterprises in the Omsk region. It is worth noting that the organizers of the BRICS Business Incubator received grant support from Rosmolodezh through the All-Russian Youth Project Competition. The program has partnered with ANO “Eurasian Investment Agency,” Yandex Cloud, TV BRICS, Dome Foundation Investment Club, International Company “Consult Invest ITIC,” BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry, China Technology Transfer Center of the SCO member states, and others.