BEL denies report on EVM Hackathon by Botswana Election Commission

BEL denies the report on EVM-indianbureaucracy
BEL denies the report on EVM-indianbureaucracy

With reference to the news story published on web portal(s) stating therein that a team of Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) would be participating in demonstration cum Hackathon of EVMs being organised by Botswana Election Commission on 18th of this month, BEL states that this news story is completely baseless and false.

BEL categorically states that it has not sold any EVMs or VVPATs to Botswana Election Commission. Botswana Election commission has invited team of BEL to show only the functionality of EVMs and VVPATs designed to meet the specific requirements of Botswana Government. These EVMs and VVPATs are different from the ones which are used by Election Commission of India.

No Hackathon event involving any EVM of BEL has been planned or scheduled by it. Therefore, Press Note issued by Botswana Election Commission is without our approval / consent and facts stated therein are completely false and incorrect.

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