Astrology and Bureaucracy Transfers ?

praveen chauhan
praveen chauhan

Job transfer ! Not a common word in today’s day and age, isn’t it? In the times we are prevailing, it is pretty evident that someday you might have to undergo a job transfer and its no surprise that your promotion is bound to get you a new job location. Sometimes this transfer is as per personal wishes, while sometimes it is not. Often the transferred person has to leave behind the family to settle in a job at a new place. Not only do these transfers bring economic benefits but promotions as well. Because what would be the point to be assigned in the same position and be transferred to a new location altogether.

Often government officials reach out to astrologers to know when they would be transferred and whether the transfer would be permanent or temporary. As per vedic astrology, the place, time and date of birth helps to predict their future, personality and even career based on planetary position.

In Vedic astrology, a lot of things need to be considered for accurateprediction such as Sahayakbhava, KarakGrah, Mahadasha, Antardasha and present planetary constellations.

Horoscope is divided into 12 houses, transfer in job mainly related to 4th house of horoscope. Whenever planets transit to 4th house, Lord of 4th house planet transit and change in Mahadasha & Antardasha related to the 4th house happen there is a chances of transfer or promotion in job. If the planets are in positive sectors, a person would be transferred to a favorable place as per his own will. But, if the planets are in negative directions, the job transfer would be against the will. Also Sahayak Bhava like 3 house, 6 house, 10 House and 12 house play a role in transfer in Job. If there is any kind of yoga or transit between their lords then there would be a chance for transfer. As far as promotion is concerned with transfer that is observed in the 7th Bhava of Horoscope Promotions with pay raise and profit is observed in the 2nd and 11th Bhava of the horoscope.

As far as karak Planets are concerned, the Sun is the main and greatest. Hence, when the sun’s movement favors the job section, a person may get into high earning or top position in business, or any government, semi-government job with a high salary.

If person going thru Mahadasha or Antardasha of 1st house or 10 house of horoscope then there would be a chance for transfer. And if a person going thru Mahadasha or Antardasha of the lords of 10th house or 12th house then there is a high chance for international transfer or transfer far away from the birth place.
As per Gochar planetary position, the influence of Mars and Sun planets too can bring about the chances of transfer. If Mars is in the 1st or 10th house of your horoscope in alignment to the sun, the chances of transfer are pretty high. The rotation of Mars or Sun in the 4th or 7th house is also an indication of transfer.

To analyse the chances of transfer as per horoscope, astrology uses a few aspects

  • Transfer
  • Whether or not it will be according to the will
  • Whether the planets are weak or strong
  • How to make weak planets strong

Acharya Praveen Chauhan

One’s horoscope may be highly influenced by negative energy or planets. Astrology thus plays an important role in fixing these to put an end to all the existing problems regarding job transfer.

The writer is a Delhi-based Astrologer and Palmist and can be reached at

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