Astrological Traditions In the Eyes of Science

Astrological Traditions In the Eyes of Science

Astrological Traditions , Eyes of Science
Astrological Traditions , Eyes of Science

Offer water to Surya early in morning….(Surya ka Upaay) : At the time of Sunrise, Infra red rays max, that is why the sky is red. The window is for a small duration and one should offer water to Surya by letting the water flow from the pot in line of the forehead….and seeing the rising Sun “through” the WATER LENS formed by the water stream. This is beneficial for eyes as it is the only way to give minimal warmth to eyes for a small duration and is good for retaining moisture in eyes.

Flow Kachcha Koyla in running water……(Rahu ka Upaay) :  If you add active soluble charcoal, it is a cleansing agent for water…..(remember your Charcoal filter in water purifiers,…..and Charcoal cleansing agent add of Lakme!!!)… was an untold method given to public for cleaning water bodies…

Add a pinch of Haldi to water before taking Bath….(Guru ka Upaay) Haldi is anti bacterial and anti septic……

Jalabhishek of Shivling ,,,, It is now scientifically proved that each Shivling acts like a small atomic energy source and is a source of intense energy. Hence the tradition of jalaabhishek (water mixed with milk) which reduces the heat of the source. This is also the reason that it is a ban to step over and cross the Jalahari of Shivling as the liquid flowing through it has atomic energy…

Ekadashi ka Vrat, without ann(अɄ) ….. Our daily diet includes proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins etc causing toxins in the body. There is a need to detox the body and give rest to the digestive system. Hence the need FOR A COMPLETE FAST, preferably without even water….However, if you want to have anything, have ONLY CARBOHYDRAYTES, so that digestion is easier and faster…..All food grains have proteins which are hard to digest……A recent Japanese research proves that fasting on every Ekadashi reduces chances of Cancer…Now the question, why ONLY Ekadashi? On the 11th day, Moon is in the 5th sign of Sun……and fasting balances the water content of your body,,,,,hence the importance of Ekadashi

No Meals during an Eclipse…. It is prohibited to have meals during eclipses and Tulsi(basil) leaves are required to be added to all prepared food and liquids (including milk, water, curry based food etc)…. During eclipse, the intensity of Ultra violet and other harmful radiations increase multifold contaminating the food. Hence, these should not be consumed. Adding Tulsi leaves to food items prevent contamination as Tulsi has mercury which neutralizes the harmful effects of such radiations.

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