Appeal for calm and peace on Cauvery Waters issue


The violence in the neighbouring States of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in the wake of the direction of the Supreme Court to release Carvery waters to Tamil Nadu is quite disturbing. Such violence cannot be justified on any ground.

Violence and destruction of property ultimately impacts the life of common man.
A large number of people from both the States live in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and have been making significant contribution to the development of the State of their choice of living. They should not be made to feel insecure as it is the Constitutional right of every citizen to live in his/her place of choice in the country.

Violence and counter-violence would only further complicate the matters and not in the interest of any State. Both the State Governments should take effective measures to check the violence immediately.

I fervently appeal to the people of both the States to immediately cooperate in ensuring peace and normalcy. I also appeal to both the State Governments and leaders of political parties to take necessary effective measures to stop violence and ensure protection to the people from other State.

I also urge upon the media to exercise restraint while reporting on the incidents in both the States. Highlighting such incidents visually and otherwise might incite further violence. I hope media would play a constructive role in ensuring peace and normalcy in both the States.

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