Annual special grant to Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu-police
Tamil Nadu-police

The Fourteenth Financial Commission(FFC) transfers to the State of Tamil Nadu is estimated to increase by 122% and the State is set to receive Rs.1,79,273 crore (including Rs.1,59,450 crore on account of share in Union taxes) during 2015-20 as against Rs. 80,944 crore (including Rs.70,825 crore on account of share in Union taxes), it had received during award period of 13th FC. Accordingly, on an average, the State of Tamil Nadu is estimated to receive Rs.35,855 crore annually during 2015-20 towards award of 14th FC as against Rs.16,189 crore, it had received annually during 2010-15. Besides, there are other channels of transfers such as Central Assistance to State Plan (CASP),

Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) and Central Sector Schemes through which Central assistance to the State is provided. Thus, there are sufficient funds available with the State specially in the form of untied fund (devolution of Union Taxes) being received by it due to biggest ever increase in States share in shareable pool of Union Taxes from 32% to 42%. This in turn would allow the State to have greater autonomy in designing and financing the schemes (including shelf of projects of Fisheries, Desalination etc., mentioned the memorandum received from Tamil Nadu) as per their contextual needs and requirements. Hence, the State can prioritise its requirement within the additional fiscal space available to it.

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