3D Photography of Artefacts in National Museum

National Museum-indianbureaucracy
National Museum-indianbureaucracy

National Museum has already digitized approximately 15,759 antiquities in 2D format and now with the new vision of the Ministry of Culture, a 3D digitization Pilot project has been initiated to take it to another level. This project once completed will be a pioneering effort in the field of museum experience. It has been taken up at the National Museum with a team of researchers and photographers from the Deccan College, Pune. For digitizing the objects in 3D format a standard procedure has been adopted.

For the digitization of one object after it is taken out form the reserve, it requires about 10-15 minutes for the photography of the object depending upon its size. Presently, 3D photography work is going on in 3 departments (i.e. Archaeology, Decorative Arts and Central Asian Antiquities) of the National Museum, New Delhi. Till 31st December, 2015 around 50 objects in 3D anaglyph were readily available.

These 3D images will give a rich experience to the public/viewers who would witness these images with high sense of virtual viewing of the object including its every detail in a credible manner. Such a project has been taken up in India for the first time by National Museum.

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