39 More Athletes Included in Top Scheme

Anurag thakur
Anurag thakur

Based on the recommendations of the Identification committee of Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOP) of National Sports Development Fund (NSDF) chaired by Shri Anurag Thakur, MP, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS) has included 39 more athletes in the Scheme. These athletes will get assistance under the TOP Scheme for Rio Olympics and 2020 Olympics. Earlier, the Ministry had named 45 athletes in the Scheme. The Ministry has already given funds of about 1.35 Crores to 10 athletes so far under the Scheme. It has also organised mental training camp of archers under the TOP Scheme. The names of 39 athletes are as follows:

Athletics (19 Athletes)


Seniors in 4x400m Women Relay Team
 1 (i)    Priyanka Pawar
 2 (ii)   Tintu Luka
 3 (iii)  Debashree Majumdar
 4 (iv)  M.R. Poovamma
 5 (v)   Anilda Thomas
 6 (vi)  Ashwini Akkunji
 7 (vii)  Jauna Murmu
 8 (viii) Sini Jose
 9 (ix)   Mandeep Kaur
Juniors in 4x400m Women Relay Team (For 2020 Olympics Development Group)
 10 (i)   Chavi Sharawat
 11 (ii)   Anju Thomas
 12 (iii)  Nirmala
 13 (iv)   Arpitha M.


 14 (i)  K. Ganapathy
 15 (ii)  Manish Rawat
 16 (iii) Sandeep Kumar
 17 (iv) Devender Singh

Discus Throw

 18 (i) Navjeet Kaur Dhillon (For 2020 Olympics Development Group)

Shot Put

 19 (i) Inderjeet Singh


Archery (16 Athletes)


Senior Men
20 (i)  Tarundeep Rai
21 (ii)  Atanu Das
22 (iii) Jayanta Talukdar
23 (iv) Mangal Champia
24 (v)  Viswash
25 (vi) Ranjit Naik

Senior Women

26 (i)   Deepika Kumari
27 (ii)  Bombayla Devi
28 (iii) Rimil Buruily
29 (iv) Laxmi Rani Majhi
30 (v)  Dola Banerjee
31 (vi) Snehal


 Junior Boys (For 2020 Olympics Development Group)


32 (i)    Sanjay Boro
33 (ii)   Atul Verma
34 (iii)   Binod Swansi
Junior Girls (For 2020 Olympics Development Group)


35 (i)  Madhu Vedwan


Boxing (2 Athletes)


36 (i)   Sumit Sangwan – Men’s 81 kg
37 (ii)  Sarjubala Devi – Women’s 48kg (For 2020 Olympics Development Group)


Shooting (1 Athlete)


38 (i)   Chain Singh – Rifle Shooting



Swimming (1 Athlete)


39 (i)   Maana Patel – 100m, 200m Backstroke (For 2020 Olympics Development Group)


Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has established the National Sports Development Fund (NSDF) with the objective of promotion of sports in general and specific sports disciplines and individual sports persons in particular for achieving excellence at the National and International level. Ministry has initiated the ‘Target Olympic Podium Scheme’ (“TOP Scheme”) under the NSDF.  The scheme envisages identification of athletes who are potential medal winners in Olympics and providing support to them for preparation for Olympics.