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IBM India Skills Forum: Encouraging STEM education & empowering girls to be tomorrow’s tech innovators

IBM India Skills Forum

India is now the sixth-largest economy in the world, with a 2017 GDP of $2.6 trillion, according to the database of the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook (WEO) for April 2018.  The country’s labour force is also expected to grow significantly and touch 160-170 million by 2020, based on rate of population growth, increased labour … Read More

Kindergarteners’ mathematics success hinges on preschool skills

Summary:Researchers have discovered that preschoolers who better process words associated with numbers and understand the quantities associated with these words are more likely to have success with math when they enter kindergarten. Findings also reveal that children who have a basic understanding that addition increases quantity and subtraction … Read More

Volcanoes get quiet before they erupt

Summary:Until now, there has not been a way to forecast eruptions of restless volcanoes because of the constant seismic activity and gas and steam emissions. Volcanologists have shown that periods of seismic quiet occur immediately before eruptions and can be used to forecast an eruption. The duration of the silence can indicate the level of energy that will… Read More

Natural regeneration of tropical forests helps global climate mitigation

Summary:Climate scientists have long recognized the importance of forest conservation and forest regrowth in climate mitigation and carbon sequestration — capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. But the detailed information required to make accurate estimates of this potential has remained elusive.

Climate scientists have long… Read More

Beach replenishment may have far reaching impact on Ecosystems

Summary:Biologists who examined the biological impact of replenishing eroded beaches with offshore sand found that such beach replenishment efforts could have long-term negative impacts on coastal ecosystems.

UC San Diego biologists who examined the biological impact of replenishing eroded beaches with offshore sand found that such beach replenishment
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Self-repairing cancer cells future of cancer treatments

Summary:A research group has been studying cancer cells’ ability to migrate through to tight spaces and self-repair to develop both treatment and diagnostic solutions for the millions of people who deal with cancer every day.

With narrow bodies and no collarbones, mice are able to squeeze through holes as small as a quarter-inch in diameter.


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100 Research Scholars get study tour to Columbia Univ ,NY (USA) & LSE (UK)

Social Justice & Empowerment

Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India has sponsored one week Study tour for 100 research Scholars in four groups of 25 participants each – two groups  to Columbia University New York, U.S.A.   and London School of Economics, U.K. during the period from 12th October, 2015 to 28th Nov., 2015, celebrating 125th Birth anniversary… Read More