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Sensors embedded in sports equipment could provide real-time analytics to smartphone

sports equipment -Indian Bureaucracy

Summary:In an effort to make big data analytics more accessible for the sports industry, researchers have utilized IoT devices — low-cost sensors and radios — that can be embedded into sports equipment (e.g., balls, rackets, and shoes), as well as in wearable devices.

Sports analytics — tracking how fast the ball is moving or how players… Read More

Study upsets beliefs about feelings and exercise probability in Teens

Study upsets exercise-Indian Bureaucracy

Summary:A pilot study tracking adolescents’ internal psychological states and physical activity in near real-time challenges prevailing assumptions about how to increase physical activity.

A pilot study tracking adolescents’ internal psychological states around engaging in physical activity suggests that prevailing assumptions about… Read More

Using an air conditioner in summer may affect sleep quality

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Summary:Using an air conditioner helps people sleep better on sweltering nights. However, researchers found that when airflow is directed at a human body, even at an insensible velocity, it impacts on sleep conditions causing sleeping positions and affects the depth of sleep.

A study by a joint research team including professor Kazuyo Tsuzuki of Toyohashi… Read More

Research opens door to smaller, cheaper, more agile communications tech

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Summary:Research on the use of magnets to steer light has opened the door to new communications systems which could be smaller, cheaper and more agile than fiber optics.

Research led by The Australian National University (ANU) on the use of magnets to steer light has opened the door to new communications systems which could be smaller, cheaper and more agile… Read More

“Catch-up rule” to make sports contests more competitive & exciting to watch

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Summary:A team of game theorists has devised a “Catch-Up Rule” that is designed to make sports such as volleyball, badminton, and squash more competitive—and more thrilling for spectators.

A team of game theorists has devised a “Catch-Up Rule” that is designed to make sports such as volleyball, badminton, and squash more competitive… Read More

Math learned best when children move

Math children move-Indian Bureaucracy

Summary:Children improve at math when instruction engages their own bodies, concludes a new study. The results also document that children require individualized learning strategies.

Children improve at math when instruction engages their own bodies. This is one of the findings from a recent study coming from the University of Copenhagen’s Department… Read More

Researchers develop potential treatment for fatal kidney disease

Researchers developfatal kidney disease-Indian Bureaucracy

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center, working with a California biotech firm, have developed a potential drug to treat polycystic kidney disease — an incurable genetic disease that often leads to end-stage kidney failure.

The drug, now called RGLS4326, is in preclinical animal testing at San Diego-based Regulus Therapeutics Inc. An investigational

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Avalanches: A force more deadly than Polar Bears

deadly than polar bears-Indian Bureaucracy

Summary:You might think that polar bears — and the potential for attack — are the biggest danger the Norwegian arctic island archipelago of Svalbard. But avalanches kill far more people on Svalbard than polar bears ever have. Researchers are working on ways to improve avalanche prediction and protection in the Arctic.

You might think that polar bears … Read More

Carbs during workouts help immune system recovery

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Summary:Eating carbohydrates during intense exercise helps to minimize exercise-induced immune disturbances and can aid the body’s recovery, research has found.

Dr Jonathan Peake and Dr Oliver Neubauer, from QUT’s Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, led a research review of studies about exercise and immunity.

They found the

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Mothers and Infants connect through song

Mothers and infants connect through song-Indian Bureaucracy

Summary:New research provides insight into the importance of song for infants and mothers. The work explored the role of infant-directed singing in relation to intricate bond between mother and infant.

As one of the first records of human music, infant-directed singing permeates cultural boundaries and parenting traditions. Unlike other forms of caregiving,… Read More

Non-invasive test offers quick skin cancer diagnosis

skin cancer diagnosis-Indian Bureaucracy

Summary:A non-invasive imaging technique has been developed that accurately detects skin cancer without surgical biopsy. Multiphoton microscopy of mitochondria accurately identified melanomas and basal cell carcinomas by detecting abnormal clusters of mitochondria in both types of skin cancer.

Researchers funded by the National Institute of Biomedical… Read More

Second cause of hidden hearing loss identified

hidden hearing loss -Indian Bureaucracy

Summary:Some people can pass a hearing test but have trouble understanding speech in a noisy environment. New research identifies a new mechanism for this condition just years after its discovery.

Patients who complain they can’t hear their friends at a noisy restaurant, but pass a hearing test in their doctor’s office, may be describing … Read More