BrahMos missile orders exceeded record $6 billion in India


Total orders for different versions of the winged supersonic missile BrahMos by the Indian navy and armed forces have exceeded $6 billion, the president of the Russian-Indian missile developer and producer Sivathanu Pillai told journalists on Monday.

Joint Russia-India BrahMos Aerospace has requested the Indian government for permission to export the winged supersonic missiles BrahMos to third countries.

Russia had already approved the proposal, while a number of countries had expressed readiness to purchase BrahMos, he added.

The permit could be obtained by the year-end and mentioned the earlier compiled list of fourteen countries, where India could export weapons.

BrahMos Aerospace established in 1998 was named after the rivers Brahmaputra and Moskva. The missile that attacks targets designated 290 kilometres away from an altitude as low as ten meters has already been purchased by the Indian navy and armed forces.