Radars & Sensors to check China intrusion

indo china border
indo china border

The Centre has initiated a major move to give security infrastructure along the strategically critical India-China border a significant boost. As part of the plan, the government has agreed in principle to put in place state-of-the-art powerful radars and high intensity thermal sensors to check Chinese intrusion both by air and land routes.

Sources said the sophisticated thermal sensors can help detect movement of troops and vehicles from at least a few kilometres even in the dark and transmit signals to a control room or an outpost.

Intrusion by Chinese forces along the border has remained an area of concern for the security establishment.

After the NDA government assumed power at the Centre, it has attached high priority to securing the borders.

Hectic deliberations have been going on among multiple agencies and ministries within the government over the last few days over what steps should be initiated.

One of the issues flagged by security agencies during the meetings was the lack of technological equipment close to the border that can help provide an advance warning of possible intrusion attempts by the Chinese.

Sources said that a blueprint for installing the hi-tech equipments was being worked out.

“The territory along the Indo-China border is extremely hostile and it is virtually impossible to patrol the region on foot. So we have to rely on technology,” a government functionary said.

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