Indian Air Force prepares 10-Year Modernization Plan

indian air force
indian air force
The Indian Air Force has prepared a 10-year modernisation plan that identifies technologies and services that it requires and is set to share it with the private sector. But just 10-15% of the over Rs 2.5 lakh crore projected acquisitions are expected to be from domestic manufacturers.
The plan is to share details of its requirements — from aircraft tyres to rotor blades and 3D printing technology, with specific quantities needed over 10 years — to enable private sector players to set up manufacturing facilities and replace imports.
The Indigenisation Roadmap (2016-2025), which is set to be released at a CII event on Tuesday, also lists out 174 parts — from subsystems for Jaguar fighter aircraft to parts and spares for the An 32 transport fleet — that are in dire need of being indigenised.

On the anvil are acquisition projects worth more than Rs 2.5 lakh crore, “Unfortunately, only 10-15% of these are expected to be from indigenous sources as the technologies needed are not available indigenously.” The report lists maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) as a major area for industry participation, as “creating a defence MRO in private sector has not only become a reality but it is also well facilitated by liberal government policies”.
The areas that the private sector can contribute in MRO range from airframe and aero engines to airfield safety systems like crash tender and arrester barriers, it says. The paper suggests a cluster of industries — particularly of micro, small and medium enterprises — to be set up to meet the needs of the air force.
“There is a huge potential for indigenisation of capital equipment as well as maintenance spares in IAF.Economic and optimal exploitation of this potential by Indian industry can lead to greater self-reliance,” the paper says.
On future technologies needed, there is a detailed chapter that lists out requirements, from modern 3D printing technology to advanced weaponry and sensors where the private sector may have opportunity to collaborate. wishes the very best.

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