Fear- the roadblock to transformation

Fear is never about the present. Fear is projected from the past or the future onto the present. We have been thought that world is competitive, but is it the truth? I believe the world is collaborative. We have never been thought that we are all connected. This bag of bones and flesh is connected to all bags.

Think of it. who are we? But are not the trees the same recycled earth,water, air. If we can’t call trees as our bodies, how do we call this bag of bones and flesh as ours. is it cause the body seems “nearer”?

Where is the thing we call as “I” located? Some feel it’s in the head, some feel it’s in the heart. But where is the thing called “I”.

We have been thought to accept the 5 senses. see, touch, feel, taste, hear, but don’t we feel that the earth is flat, but is that the “reality”. the earth is round, and spinning on its axis. Maybe we can teach humans beyond the superstition of materialism. Only in silence and stillness can we go beyond this ego encapsulated mind- ego.

And thats what exactly we do in ‘training”, until and unless people “experience” their being, all training would fall short of its intended outcome.

About: Shri Tanmay Sinha  is a Conscious Entrepreneur & emotional Coach, supporting others build a thriving  life and to support people ascend to higher levels of existence. Tanmay is also an active mediator and a  trainer who offers a non-traditional and effective approach in helping people to create stable and meaningful lives with leading-edge personal growth, holistically.

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