75 IPS transferred in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Police
  1. Shri Sandeep Singh Chauhan IPS – Superintendent Of Police, CID, Civil Rights, Jaipur
  2. Shri Anshuman Bhomia IPS–   Superintendent Of Police, CID (CB) ,Jaipur
  3. Shri Rahul Prakash IPS  -Superintendent Of Police, Pali
  4. Shri Anil Kumar Tank IPS   – Principal, PTS, Kishangarh, Ajmer
  5. Ms Mamta Rahul IPS – Commandant, State Disaster Response Force, Jaipur
  6. Shri Barhat Rahul Manhardan IPS    – Deputy Commsioner Of Police, Jaipur City (East),  Jaipur
  7. Shri Randheer Singh IPS – Superintendent Of Police, Crime Branch, Jaipur
  8. Shri Harendra Kumar Mahawer IPS  – Superintendent Of Police, Nagaur
  9. Shri Dharmendra Singh  IPS – ADC to Hon’ble Governor, , Jaipur
  10. Ms Monika Sain   IPS– Deputy Commissioner Of Police (West), Jodhpur City,
  11. Shri Mridul Kachawa  IPS–   Circle Officer, Sriganganagar (Rural)
  12. Shri Deepak Yadav IPS–   Asstt Commissioner of Police, Amer, Jaipur
  13. Shri Rajendra Kumar   IPS     – Superintendent Of Police (Traffic) Police Hq, Jaipur
  14. Shri Prahlad Singh Krishniya  IPS – Commandant, Rd Battalion, Rac, Bikaner
  15. Shri  Sharad Chowdhary IPS – Superintendent Of Police, Barmer
  16. Shri  Raj Kumar Gupta IPS – Superintendent Of Police, Ssb, Jaipur
  17. Shri  Keshar Singh Shekhawat IPS–  Superintendent Of Police, Bharatpur
  18. Shri  Ram Murti Joshi  IPS – Superintendent Of Police, Churu
  19. Shri N Ravindra Kumar Reddy IPS  –  Special Director General Of Police, Law & Order, , Jaipur
  20. Dr Alok Tripathi   IPS  –  Director General, Anti-Corruption Bureau, , Jaipur
  21. Dr Bhupendra Singh  IPS   – Director General Of Police, Jail, Jaipur
  22. Ms Smita Srivastava  IPS–  Inspector General Of Police, Armed Battalions-Ii, Jaipur
  23. Shri Prafulla Kumar   IPS –   Deputy Inspector General Of Police, Anti-Terrorist Squad, Jaipur
  24. Dr Nitin Deep Blaggan IPS – Additional Commissioner Of Police (I), Jaipur
  25. Shri Ul Chhanwal  IPS  -Deputy Inspector General Of Police, Training, Jaipur
  26. Shri Sanjay Kumar Shrotriya IPS – Deputy Inspector General Of Police, (Cb), Jaipur
  27. Shri Surendra Kumar Gupta IPS -Deputy Inspector General Of Police, Anti-Corruption Bureau,  Jaipur
  28. Shri Dilip Kumar IPS–  Deputy Inspector General Of Police, Rptc, Jodhpur
  29. Shri Lalit Maheshwari IPS– Deputy Inspector General Of Police, Jail, Jodhpur
  30. Shri Ravi Dutt Gaur   IPS–   Deputy Inspector General Of Police, Armed Battalion – I, Police Hq, Jaipur
  31. Shri Laxman Gaur  IPS–  Deputy Inspector General Of Police, Crime Branch, , Jaipur
  32. Shri Prashan Kumar Khamesra   IPS–  Dy Inspector General Of Police, Personnel, Jaipur
  33. Shri Gaurav Srivastava IPS– Additional Commissioner Of Police (Ii),  Jaipur
  34. Shri Sharat Kaviraj IPS–  Dy Inspector General Of Police, Scrb, Jaipur
  35. Shri C Santoshkumar Tukaram   IPS–     Dy Inspector General Of Police, Ssb, Jaipur
  36. Ms  S Parimala  IPS–  Deputy Inspector General Of Police, Security -Ii, Jaipur
  37. Shri Vikas Kumar IPS– Deputy Inspector General Of Police, Home Guards, Jaipur
  38. Shri Deepak Kumar  IPS–    Deputy Inspector General Of Police, Chief Minister Security And Chief Minister Vigilance, Jaipur
  39. Shri Ajay Pal Lamba IPS–  Superintendent Of Police, Jaipur Rural, Jaipur
  40. Dr Vishnu Kant  IPS–     Commandant, St Battalion, RAC, Jodhpur
  41. Ms Param Jyoti  IPS–      Director, Intelligence Training Academy, Jaipur
  42. Shri Rajendra Singh IPS–  Superintendent Of Police, Alwar
  43. Shri Jai Narayan     IPS–     Superintendent Of Police, Anti-Corruption Bureau, Jaipur
  44. Dr Vikas Pathak     IPS–   -Deputy Commissioner Of Police, Jaipur City (South),  Jaipur
  45. Shri Om Prakash-2 IPS – Superintendent Of Police, Bundi
  46. Shri Sameer Kumar Singh  IPS  – Superintendent Of Police, Sawaimadhopur
  47. Shri Tejraj Singh Kharodia  IPS – Superintendent Of Police, Anti-Couption-Bureau, Bikaner
  48. Shri Rajesh Singh IPS – Superintendent Of Police, Ajmer
  49. Shri Jagdish Chandra Sharma   IPS – Superintendent Of Police, Jaisalmer
  50. Shri Rajendra Prasad Goyal   IPS   – Superintendent Of Police, Crime Branch, Jaipur
  51. Ms Shaveta Dhankhar    IPS   –  Commandant, Hadi Rani Battalion, Ajmer
  52. Shri Ajay Singh     IPS   –     Superintendent Of Police, Karauli
  53. Shri Yogesh Yadav  IPS–    Superintendent Of Police, Sriganganagar
  54. Shri Kuwar Rastradeep     IPS –    Superintendent Of Police, Udaipur
  55. Shri Kalyan Mal Meena   IPS     –   Superintendent Of Police, Cid, Ssb, Jodhpur
  56. Shri Anil Kumar-2   IPS  – Superintendent Of Police, Hanumangarh
  57. Shri Pradeep Mohan Sharma     IPS  –   Deputy Commsioner Of Police (Hq & Traffic), Police Commsionerate, Jodhpur
  58. Shri Deepak Bhargav  IPS – Superintendent Of Police, Kota City, Kota
  59. Shri Sunil Kumar Vishnoi   IPS  – Superintendent Of Police, Baran
  60. Shri Manish Agarwal-2    IPS  –    Superintendent Of Police, Ats, , Jaipur
  61. Shri Dusht Daman Singh IPS  –     Superintendent Of Police, Dholpur
  62. Dr Rameshwar Singh      IPS –        Superintendent Of Police, Bhilwara
  63. Shri Himmat Abhilash Tak   IPS – Superintendent Of Police, Cid,(Intelligence), Jaipur
  64. Dr Gagandeep Singla   IPS    Deputy Commsioner Of Police, Hq, Police Commsionarate, Jaipur
  65. Shri Deshmukh Paris Anil IPS –    Superintendent Of Police, Jhunjhunu
  66. Shri Rathod Vinit Kumar T  IPS–   Deputy Commsioner Of Police (Crime), Jaipur
  67. Shri Yadram Fansal  IPS – Deputy Inector General Of Police, Jail, Jaipur
  68. Shri Manoj Kumar  IPS –  Superintendent Of Police, Chittorgarh
  69. Shri Maman Singh Yadav  IPS –   Deputy Commsioner Of Police, Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation, Jaipur
  70. Shri Bhuvan Bhushan Yadav   IPS–  Superintendent Of Police, Rajsamand
  71. Shri Gaurav Yadav   IPS – Superintendent Of Police, Sikar
  72. Ms Pooja Awana   IPS –    Commandant, Th Battalion, Rac, New
  73. Shri Jai Yadav   IPS    –     Superintendent Of Police, Sirohi
  74. Ms Tejaswani Gautam    IPS   –   Superintendent Of Police, Anti-Couption-Bureau, Jodhpur
  75. Shri Anil Kumar  IPS  –   Commandant, Th Battalion, Rac, Bharatpur

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Noitification:;75 IPS transferred in Rajasthan Police

Note: The above names are not arranged on basis of seniority . 

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