Union Home Minister addresses Laxmanrao Inamdar Memorial Lecture in Maharashtra


Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah delivered an address at the Laxmanrao Inamdar Memorial lecture in Maharashtra, where he paid tribute to Shri Laxmanrao Inamdar’s contributions to Gujarat’s public life and cooperative sector. The event was attended by several dignitaries, including the Governor and Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Shri Shah highlighted the significance of cooperation in India’s economic development and praised Shri Inamdar’s dedication to fostering cooperation. He also emphasized the role of cooperation in providing employment and prosperity to the masses, with examples like Amul’s success. Shri Shah discussed the government’s efforts to strengthen the cooperative sector and its positive impact on India’s economy. He stated that cooperation is essential for linking millions of people to the country’s development and economy, especially those without capital. The government’s creation of a separate Ministry of Cooperation aims to revitalize the cooperative sector and promote cooperation as a means of inclusive development. Shri Shah also highlighted changes in urban and rural cooperative banks and future initiatives to enhance the cooperative movement in India.