The President of India inaugurates Bihar’s fourth Krishi Roadmap


President Droupadi Murmu of India launched Bihar’s fourth Krishi Roadmap (2023-2028) in Patna on October 18, 2023. Addressing the event, the President highlighted the vital role of agriculture in Bihar, being the foundation of the state’s economy and employing nearly half of its workforce while making significant contributions to the GDP. She commended the Government of Bihar for consistently implementing Agriculture Roadmaps since 2008, emphasizing that the past roadmaps have doubled the productivity of key crops like paddy, wheat, and maize and led to Bihar becoming a leading state in mushroom, honey, makhana, and fish production. Launching the fourth Agriculture Roadmap is a pivotal step in this continued progress.

President Murmu also praised the farmers of Bihar for their innovative spirit and their commitment to both modern and traditional farming methods, highlighting the harmonious coexistence of tradition and modernity in their practices. She encouraged Bihar’s farmers to seize the growing demand for organic products, underscoring the cost-saving and environmentally friendly benefits of organic farming and its potential to increase farmers’ income and provide nutritious food.

Furthermore, the President acknowledged the pressing issue of climate change and global warming, highlighting their disproportionate impact on vulnerable communities. Bihar, despite its history as a water-rich state with a network of rivers and ponds, has experienced reduced rainfall in recent years. She emphasized the importance of water conservation to preserve the state’s identity and urged the adoption of Climate Resilient Agriculture. This approach can help address climate change challenges by promoting biodiversity, conserving water resources, maintaining soil fertility, and ensuring food security.

President Murmu also noted the production of ethanol from maize in Bihar, emphasizing its importance in reducing dependence on fossil fuels, protecting the environment, and enhancing national energy security. She concluded her address by calling for holistic development in Bihar, setting roadmaps for progress in various areas such as health, education, per capita income, and the Happiness Index, and continuously advancing the state’s development, in alignment with the goals of the fourth Krishi Roadmap.

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