Telangana CM announces five lakh rupees health-cum-life insurance for farmers

K Chandrasekhar Rao

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has announced five lakh rupees health-cum-life insurance scheme for farmers in the state. He said the proposed scheme will be implemented soon. Addressing the regional conference of Farmers’ Coordination Committees held in Karimnagar yesterday, Mr Rao said the state government will pay the entire premium behalf of the farmer and allocate 500 crore rupees in the coming budget for implementation of the scheme.

He said the insurance scheme will benefit 70 lakh farmers in the state. The families of farmers will be paid the amount in case of farmer’s death, in the accident or naturally. He asked the Farmers’ Coordination Committees to ensure that each and every farmer in the village gets the benefits of the scheme.

The farmers’ coordination committee meetings are being held in the state to create awareness among farmers about the Farm Input Support Scheme, in which the state government has proposed to give 4000 rupees per acre per season to all farmers to facilitate meeting input cost.

In yet another farmer-friendly measure, the state government has decided to provide health -cum- life insurance scheme to all farmers in the state. Though the modalities are yet to be revealed completely, Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao announced this at the regional conference of the Farmers’ Coordination Committees held yesterday. As he announced, the premium of health cum life insurance scheme of farmers will be fully borne by the government, benefitting 70 lakh farmers in the state.

The health incurrence cover will be made available in case of hospitalisation and the amount will be paid to the family in case of farmer’s accidental as well as natural death. An allocation of 500 crore rupees also has been announced in the upcoming budget for implementation of the scheme. The announcement came when the State Government is getting ready to implement the Farm Input Support Scheme from the coming Kharif season.

Each farmer will be given 4000 rupees per acre for two seasons in a year to meet the input cost through bank checks. The State Government has set up Farmers’ Coordination Committees to ensure smooth implementation of the scheme and also coordinate other farm-related activities at the village, block and District level.

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